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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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This is my horrible drawing of my Cosmic Cloud Vanity Set. It is a full-body set that pretty much changes the color of the entire player to a swirling, space, galaxy-like cloud, with a dark blue aura surrounding it, similar to the grim dye's effect. It would be cool if it dropped from space-like enemies or the nebula pillar. Thank you!



Hello, that is my idea:
Terraria Space Aviator.png

He is a Space Aviator, I'm not sure what exactly is but that's ok so:
The head is a full black mask with some yellow metal parts. There are also a respirator and a radar.
The blue pipes are weaker and let the energy flux visible, the gray pipes are stronger because near the core so the energy is more intense.
The chest is totally black with 2 shards in the middle and in the belt. The shards give the suit power through the pipes.
Same for the legs that are black with the blue pipes. Maybe the blue pipes and the shards could have some glow.
I hope that you will like it, I'm waiting for the new update,
regards to all the team.
Hello everyone this is my entry for the vanity contest. I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures I am not an artist. The idea of my armor is it is vanity armor based on the Staff of the Frozen Hydra. The helmet is based on a knights helmet only instead of having a feather it has three icecicles on top of it. The chest plate has some icecicles on and around the shoulders, some darker blue lines going through it like little rivers going through a Island, and in the center I tried to draw a Staff of the Frozen Hydra. The leg armor is simply blue armor with three icecicles on each side in the order of large small and medium for the sizes. Again I’m sorry for the quality of these pictures and for the different color of icecicles on the paints. I would also like to say thank you everyone doing this contest I am extremely glad I have a chance to have some vanity armor of mine in the game. Good luck to everyone also entering this contest. Also I’m sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors . 7352BD8B-C60B-4773-86A0-8511E1D9894C.jpegF9D78997-132A-44B0-AF36-EE45619EDA5E.jpeg26E21170-518E-4D5A-B6FA-D547A678FD02.jpeg


My idea is that since this is our Journey's end perhaps we should add another vanity outfit that is someone who Journey's. I don't have an official name for it but it's obviously gonna have to be something related to a cowboy, such as Cowboy's End or Lost Cowboy (related to my username). Thank you for considering my submission. Have a lovely day!
Journey's end pixelart.JPG



This my Internet Persona well a crappy MS paint version of him
Also I have never actually drew his bottom half so I just made it jeans and black boots
And I have this in here mostly because I want a hoodie vanity item
The Head would be called tEMMIE's Head
The Hoodie would be called tEMMIE's Armored Hoodie
The Pants would be called tEMMIE's Jeans
I hope you guys can make it look better
I made a Sprite for him holding a torch


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Waffle Pal

The Balance-1.png.png
This was my best Idea. I used the template of molten armor since I liked the way that looked. It would be called the balance due to the armor set using the 2 main evils of the game. Corruption and Crimson judging by its purple and red color. This is my best effort, and I just wanna say, when I got my ps4 instead of loading up a triple a title like star wars battle front, I loaded up terraria. This is one of my favorite games since I was introduced to the world of gaming!


So here is my set. Its a flaming skull king. The skull moves side to side when the player walks or runs. Also the robe is animated similarly to the stardust cloak when walking. The emblem in the center and the fire would also glow in the dark. The skull can also be used by itself with other armor pieces. The set name: Goose's set. The head: Goose's Curse. The torso: Goose's Chest. The Legs: Goose's robe.
fire bringer (1).gif
fire bringer clone.gif
Fire Bringer Chest (1).gif
Fire Bringer Robes (1).gif
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Terraria Ranger.png

So, I always like playing the Woodland Ranger stereotype characters, and after a short review of existing armors I couldn't find one, so I threw one together in Gimp. I'm pretty bad with pixel art, but I think I mostly got what I wanted.
Head: Green hood that obscures hair and some of the face.
Terraria Ranger{Hood}.png

Chest: A green short sleeve tunic with metal bracer and green gloves.
Terraria Ranger{Tunic}.png

Legs: Brown pants with green boots that have metal greaves attached.
Terraria Ranger{Pants}.png

I also (if we are allowed to) made one with a cloak, because it looks cooler.
Terraria Ranger _w_cloak.png

Full Disclosure, I did take a lot of inspiration from Questor the Elf's redesign from Gauntlet Slayer Edition, as well as the design of the Rangers from the Ranger's Apprentice Series.

Nooby Nate

Here is my entry its called the dark lord the head is the dark lord helmet the body is the dark lord chest plate the legs are called the dark lord flames made him my self edit this is second version
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I would like to submit my entry which is an outfit that i designed, here is the artwork:

Unknown File.png


-Screen like mask with white pixel viser and gray hood
-Black coat and pale scarf with white patern
-Dark gray trousers with black boots

I thought of nameing the set someting like Unknown set or Undefined set, referring to it's unnatural presence in a game files.

Here is how i would imagine it in a game:

Unidentified File.png

Thank you all for your time ^^

Cap'n Dontaskme

Well, with how bad I am at making practically anything, this was the best I could muster.

Capture Terraria Contest.PNG

This is the Martian Enhancement Suit, or, M.E.S
It is a two piece set, head and torso.
The legs are replaced with a booster that shoots flames to hover the wearer, the arms and fingers attached with connective fields.
I do have an idea for to tool tip, but it is just an idea.
"Batteries not included":p
If you choose someone else's, I understand. I don't exactly think that I have too much of a chance, because everyone has a creative idea for a set, and I'm not exactly a creative person.
To say the least, I am exited to see what sets are picked and implemented into the game. I hope everyone has a great day.:happy:
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