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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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This is my vanity set idea. The mask is just a mask that goes over your head (duh) and it just has an eye hole. The shirt can be changed with dye (and if you use dye like Orange and Black or, Red and White, it would change to those colors) and then the pants are just basic sweatpants. All of the art was made by me.



This is my submission, yes the crown is floating and yes I am willing to change the crown's design. It's supposed to be black armor, blue cape, gold pins and all that, green spots are moss I'd like the armor to look tarnished and ancient in a way, but if any of you have better ideas, I will consider them
KingoftheBlind (1).png
No specific name yet, open to ideas.





Lil gif I made of coronachan getting dressed up.

I saw some other coronavirus/COVID 19 related ones after I made this but I did it for fun anyways so I thought I'd put it up. Would be cool to see something so relevant to the times getting implemented so that we can all remember when we got quarantined and played Terraria 24/7.


The central version here is the main one intended for the game, but I made some variants, as seen in the gif.

Hope y'all like it :) stay strong, keep cool, love you all <3 - Seakras.

And don't forget...



So i know there is a dryad vanity set already but i think it could be unproved upon. I made the flower a bit to small and having it be a Planteras bulb would be awesome and sorry but i dont know how to make pixel art. Id like to believe that you get it from Plantera or a rare drop from jungle creatures. Itd be called the Nymphs set sorry its not the best but hope you enjoy anyways.




Very excited to finally finish up all the sprite work for this!

This is my entry to the Journey's End Terraria Vanity Challenge Once in a Lifetime Experience! (or whatever its called) and I'm pretty dang im excited

So here we got my little Outfit! I haven't put much thought into names, a friend recommended "Rookmail" which i thought was very unique, but if my Username has to be involved in some way, then i thought
"Swivels Moving Castle" would be funny


I wanted to make something bulky, similar to the Turtle or Beetle armor, so I made this set to make it look like your character is a little walking castle. I thought it would be the perfect outfit to wear for a Tank or Melee play through ontop of some other, high-grade armor!

I always liked how Terraria over time, despite the addition of laser cannons and U.F.O Spaceships still has the Medieval vibe, contrasting Sci-fi with Fantasy!

so, I wanted to make an outfit that reflected the latter of those two, very different design choices, Making a little Fantasy castle that you can wear and travel around the world in!

(The yellow segments are supposed to be little windows, or Arrow slits in the castle walls glowing bright, with flags poking out atop the two battlements making up the characters shoulders, and the third battlement on his head!)

Outfit Pieces.PNG
(Separate Vanity Slot Pieces)

For specific details I would love on the finished outfit, I put together this very simple Flag Waving Animation
(which might not be possible for outfits within Terraria's engine, if so, I wasn't aware when I made it, I just thought it would look cool!)

For a personal preference, I would make the yellow sections of the outfit to be
Glow-masks, which I think would be a nice touch if you are wearing it in the dark.

Seeing the 3 slits on the helmet beaming out

GOLDEN LIGHT! would be cool
Flag Animation.gif

I like the little design i came up with, I feel it would fit into Terraria's world, which was my intention when making it!
Best of luck to everyone else who submitted an entry to the contest!!!

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in a Donut Set :
- Mini Skateboarder as hat
- Donut around chestpiece/torso. The Donut has Rainbow sprinkles on top
- Rainbow colored pants
- Text on chestpiece saying "Twits" Short for Twitzerly
- Grey Coat
- The Skateboard Is not hair
Terraria Contest Entry More Clear 2.png


Terraria Vanity.png

I know for me personally I would love to see more pretty female vanities included into the game. I love cool armor sets but sometimes I wanna kill slimes while looking like a pretty princess. If I had to name this vanity I guess I'd call it the "Midnight Ballgown" set. Head slot would be the tiara, torso the ball gown, and while the shoes would most likely not be visible the shoes would be a simple pair of heels the same color as the gloves.


Here is my submission, as of right now I'm referring to it as the adventurer's costume. However I'm completely open to any changes to the design or name. Best of luck to all the entrants!

Terraria Vanity Contest Submition.png

The head piece is the cowl, the chestpiece is the leather armor, and the legs are the dark grey pants.
The Celebratory Suit (I'm not to sure on the name but I couldn't think of anything better.)
Its basically just a big cake suit with a face cut out.
Celebratory Suit.png

Cake mans.png
Maybe it could look something like this, idk, I'm bad at art.
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My submission for the vanity contest is the mechanical shirt and pants. It is designed to fit with all the mechanical bosses’ masks. It is obtainable by buying it from the steam punk NPC after all three mechanical bosses have been defeated. When worn, it gives a trailing red glow effect from the arms and feet like the effect from Yoraiz0r’s spell. I came up with the idea because I thought that if a boss was to get a vanity set it should be the mechanical bosses because they all come under the same theme.

Thank you for considering my submission.
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