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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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I have returned from the dead to post to the vanity contest! My submission for the vanity contest is the obligatory batman reference but like the copyright free dollar store batman based off the cave bat and giant cave bat enemies. I would make them either a rare drop from the giant bat enemy in hardmode or purchasable from the skeleton merchant in hardmode. I'd name the set the blind knight set or cave batman set (though the latter is probably too copyright infringing.)

Here's a mockup for what I think it would look like in game if it was implemented. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the eyes all white or transparent so you could see the face, but decided to go with transparent.

I have also made frames of animation for it in attached files which I haven't tested out yet but I think could maybe work.
I tried to make inventory item sprites of the set to make it interesting but it looks kind of ugly ngl.


I've waited a really long time for Journey's End and I'm very excited for the last big update for this game we've all played and loved for years!

EDIT: I have made a fix for the submission since wings aren't preferable.



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“Made from the bones of ancient beasts who once rivaled even the Moon Lord”

Consists of:
- Dragonbone Helm

- Dragonbone Chestplate
- Dragonbone Greaves

- Found when breaking a Dragon Fossil randomly generated in the deep caverns
- You get one of the three items upon removal
- Generated once defeated Wall of Flesh

All armor consists of a light grey/white color scheme (because it’s made of “bones”) and covers the entire player.


This is the mushroom warrior set.One of my favorite biome's is the mushroom so i decided to make a vanity set surrounding it! i hope you like it.

If anybody is wondering,I used FireAlpaca to make this.

This is the sprite and drawing i made.Im not the best at pixel art but i think it didn't turn out too bad.

I did not want to make it too advanced with animations so i just did a simple design.I think the only extra-ish animation for the vanity set is just the cape maybe? but yeah!
I also decided to change the horns up a bit in the sprite to make it look a little better.

pixil-frame-0 (5).png

I think this set would be obtained by the set being dropped from mobs in the mushroom biome.It would just be one of those extra little things you get as a reward,especially because the mushroom can be dangerous in early hardmode.

Hair examples for the helmet:

and to everybody else making an entry,Good luck!!!
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(Hello Everyone, First of all I would like to say that I added a lot to the armor, so if you saw the old post, please give a look at the new one, it would be really appreciated)
Hello Everyone! Hope you are having a nice day (or night :v)
So this is my participation post for the...
Now please let me introduce to you the...
Dungeon Master ECTOPLASM.gif
Dungeon Master ECTOPLASM.gif

Yeah so, I kinda felt that was going to sound epic, whatever
So I would like to start by giving a bit of details about the armor (which counts more as vanity than armor)

-The Armor's Name explains a lot about the armor
-The Armor flame's colors changed depending on the situation:
(day / night / Boss fight )
-The Night sprite might resemble a lot to the corruption, But it is not related at all.
-The Flames of the helmet are made of Ectoplasm
-The armor has a lore (Just in case you are interested in it lol, the lore is at the bottom
of this post)

-I got Inspiration from the spirit armor while making the Dungeon Master
(I don't think that's going to affect at all : T )
-The Original Design of the armor was going to be yellow, But I decided to change it
because I got the new ideas of the lore (some of you might like it more yellow but I'm
sorry I cant do anything ; - ; )

A little Edit: I just saw a comment in the post that said something about not a light source but a bit of glow, So if its possible,
I would really like the colored crystals and fire (Blue, Green and Purple/Pink) to have that effect

(Ill put the Sprites Sheet over here, just in case I need it for the contest)
---The Dungeon Master Set (Sprites).png---

There are Three enemies that would be the most susceptible to drop the armor
-Skeletron: He was the Owner
-Moon Lord: He killed the Hero
-Any Enemy in the Dungeon: Representing the souls that helped him before dying
Note: If the dungeon is the best option, I would really appreciate if the Drop Rate is
really low, Because the Spawn rate in the Dungeon is bigger than in other zones, And
having a high rate would mean an inventory full of vanity armors (Which is not fun at all).

Guess that's all I had to say
Now lets give a look at the armor shall we?
-Dungeon Master Helmet-
The Dungeon Master (Helmet Gif).gif

-Dungeon Master Heart-
The Dungeon Master (Heart Gif).gif

-Dungeon Master Leggings-
The Dungeon Master (Leggings Gif).gif

Notes and stuff:
So yeah, I'm not sure about this, But I think the Head slot cant be a gif, (cuz I never seen a vanilla helmet like that) In case it cant be like that, its ok if you delete the other frames, ( But I would really like it to be this way : ] )

( Note: The sprites are separate images each one per color)

Ok now lets get to the Fun stuff
First we have...
-Standing Animation-
The Dungeon Master (Standing Animation DAY).gif
The Dungeon Master (Standing Animation FIGHT).gif
The Dungeon Master (Standing Animation NIGHT).gif

Pretty simple, As I said before, The Blue flames will be active during day, Green flames during nighttime and the Purple/ Pink when a boss is active,
Notes: I don't know what is going on with the Chest plate of the Male set, But it is moving up and down, Anyway it looks nice I ain't lying lol

Next we have the...
-Using Items-
Dungeon Master Set Gif (Use Item).gif
Dungeon Master Set Gif (Use Item Fight).gif
Dungeon Master Set Gif (Use Item NIGHT).gif

About this one I think everything its ok, I didn't saw any big bugs or stuff, The only thing that I have to say is that I used five frames to make the animation of the flames But the "using items" Animation only uses four, So it kinda looks different from the rest of frames, But I think that's ok.

We also have the...
-Jumping / Falling-
The Dungeon Master (Jumping - Falling Animation DAY).gif
The Dungeon Master (Jumping - Falling Animation FIGHT).gif
The Dungeon Master (Jumping - Falling Animation NIGHT).gif

Everything seems ok with this one, I just feel that it looks quite flat, like its missing movement, Maybe during gameplay it will get the movement I'm talking about, While Looking at this one I started to think about the hair, I dunno if the armors would look good with hair on, I think they look better like this, But maybe there could be like an option to hide / show hair.

And last we have the one everyone was waiting for... I think...
Dungeon Master Set Gif (Walking).gif
Dungeon Master Set Gif (Walking FIGHT).gif
Dungeon Master Set Gif (Walking NIGHT).gif

For this one guess I have nothing to say, it looks really good, I think this is my fav sprite animation, and guess that's all.

The Dungeon Master (Standing Transition ver2).gif
The Dungeon Master (Standing Transition ver1).gif

The translations are the effects that are going to make the armor change depending on the place, Time or event, The one you see above would be a translation between blue flames and purple / pink flames, During an actual gameplay, This would mean that a boss spawned in your world (Including Mini-Bosses).
ill give a little description about each one of them
The Armor does a zig-zag like effect with the colors of the flames, I don't really like this one, it feels really strong and fast, I dunno I just don't like it

The left armor does a gradient like effect with the colors of the flames, Yep I rather this one, The only thing with this one is that it is harder to animate, Because you are using about 5 different color palettes, (or at least I did, I dunno if Re-Logic gradients are made by frame or if they have a dye like effect that they use when making gradients (Example: Rainbow Block))

-Yes, I will say it again-
-The colors of the armor depend on the event:
(Blue= Day Green= Night Purple/Pink= There is a boss active)

OK now the lore :> :
so... Ik this might be a lot for some ppl but I actually made a lore for the armor, I worked really hard on it, so I hope that you will like it : D

Dungeon Master ECTOPLASM.gif
-The Dungeon Master Set LORE-
Dungeon Master ECTOPLASM.gif

(NOTE [Important] Ok so I just checked the spelling stuff, I think its all right, But if u see any misspelled word or anything that I can fix, feel free to contact me)

(I made a color code based in the armor)
-Green (All) Mod Lore
-Purple ("") Thought or words shared by a character of the story
-Blue (Nothing else) Important Stuff (Both mod and original Lore)
- Reading only the color coded words might help you to understand the lore without reading the rest (I said might don't take it too literal)

(Other things to say, The Lore of this armor is kinda related to my "in work" mod Lore, I tried my best to make it the most related to the original game Lore, (Which is kinda simple I ain't lying lul, and if you see something that you don't understand.. guess you will stay like that cause as I sad the mod its on progress and it might never be published, Cuz I'm struggling a lot with the #cs files it kinda makes me scream in different languages, But I'm doing my best to make that and publish the mod :>)
edit: I might make images for all the events (one per paragraph)

- The time was passing as the cult was rising, The Moon Cult was starting the "Purification" of the world, and many old warriors tried to stop them from their madness and their "fake god" as the races said, The Cultist kept insisting that people must be purified or the Giant of the Night is going to eliminate them, The villages were laughing at these words and kept ignoring, but this didn't last too much, after the "Purification Day" The Moon Lord came to the earth, Looking for its servants to satisfy his needs, When he saw that Only a hundred people came to the party, he became really mad and started attacking the villages that were close to the Moon Temple, He used his dark magic to steal the souls of the things he killed, He was really mad because none of them heard the words of his cult, so he decided to punish them with a curse

-" Have you wondered what does it feel to be alive, But you can't feel anything at all?"

These were his words before turning the Moon temple into a jail of deadly souls hoping to recover their old bodies and Memories, Sad for these poor beings, the day never came , The Souls turned into killing machines eliminating everything that they saw, some of them grew stronger that the others, The events were heard around the terraria world, and the heroes started to arrive the zone, First the low level heroes came, trying to achieve any kind of Respect or fame for defeating the chaos in the dungeon, But all of them were failing because of their lack of knowledge and strength, After he Issue became famous the Higher level Heroes started to arrive to the new Dungeon, Many of them Managed to kill the souls in the surface, But they were all dying once they entered the dungeon itself, Their weapons and armors were sealed in gold chest that were locked with special keys that only the dungeon souls knew how to open, The years started to pass and the hero's average death was growing bigger and bigger, When this started to happen the Top Tier Heroes Started to arrive, "This was not a new problem, But an ancient threat" the people realized that the words of the cult weren't lies and they started to think that they have to obey, But the heroes were against this idea, "We are not going to bow down to a "god" that might want to eliminate us!", The Heroes Raids started to arrive, some of them were making it further, but they kept dying, One of those Heroes, was a young man, that barely got to the Top Hero Tier, At first, he was scared of dying in his first mission, But his team was made of some of the Best Heroes, They gave him on of the Ancient Armors, "They said that this armor was used by the Alathor's Father (In the Mod Alathor is the Best Hero of all time, I can't give more info about him here cause' as I said I tried to stay in the Original Terraria Lore).

When they arrived the Dungeon they noticed that there was no enemy on the surface, They were going to get in the dungeon but they heard some echo from inside the Gigantic building, It seemed that the Moon lord was back here, another Purification day started, They were going to attack but they decided to watch the event, They saw the moon lord taking the souls of the new initiates of the cult, He used some Dark magic with them and then his bodies were turning into a wendigo-like shape ( A myth of a beast that eats flesh and stuff, Their heads look like a deer's skull), They were watching the Horrifying scene Until one of them got angry for such an act and screamed while pointing his sword at the brain of the Moon lord, Unlucky for him, One of the Cult members Shoot at him with a bow killing him in the moment, The cult knew about the others eventually, So the Moon Lord used more dark magic and brought them in the room, They were scared and hopeless, The Young hero noticed something, Each time the Moon Lord Used dark Energy, One of his Old Cultists died, So he made a plan, He started to talk with the Moon Lord making fun of his octopus face and his missing legs, The Moon lord started to turn aggressive with this one, But he wanted to use his friends to scare him first, He started to Kill the other heroes, using his tricks to make it scary for him, But at one point, His magic got stuck and the heroes got freed, Then they started to attack the Moon Lord Doing Lots of damage To him, When They Thought it was over, Another cultist passed by, Killing one of the Heroes, But the Moon Lord instead of healing himself, Used the soul of the Cultist to kill the most Heroes he could, Somehow, The young Hero managed to hide in one of the halls of the mysterious place, The Moon Lord Thought it was over, So he continued with the ritual, But the initiates discovered their destiny and they fought the Moon Lord, But even without the Dark Magic, His power was Insane, and they all become more servants for him.

He passed trough some halls, The young hero saved some of the old souls, First they were attacking him, But they noticed that he was a good person, and they asked for help, they just wanted to be free, so the souls started to leave the skeletons trying to go with their last hope to find the peace, It got to the Point that the entire dungeon was following him, He had all of the souls with him, and they helped him so that they could escape, But the Moon Lord noticed that the souls were missing And he started to search for the reason, When he saw the Hero that made fun of him some Hours ago, He became really angry and ran at him with a stunt that could kill a man without even touching it, But the souls used their last breaths to Stop the Stunt and give time to the Hero to escape, He felt bad because they were going to be eliminated by the moon lord, But he had to run, When he got to the exit he felt a really calm and warm environment, He smiled for a second, But That smile was followed by a cold of pain and a red matter going trough his chest, There was a cultist in the entrance waiting for him, It was the same cultist that used his bow to kill the first Hero, The Moon Lord came, And started to make fun of the pallid color of the Hero and the blood going trough his body, Then he noticed something.

"You are the first person that manages to come outside of the Dungeon with his own soul, Your strength and Knowledge are special, I could kill you for making fun of a god, But I can also Use you, This is a chance where we both win, I will get a strong guardian, and you won't die and suffer, Are you interested?"

With his last breath, the hero said

"Hehe, Even with that octopus face you can talk?"

Then the Moon Lord Took The Bones out of the Hero's Body and turned them into a massive skeleton which new name was

Ya like it?​
Yeah ik its kinda bloody and stuff but as I said I did my best to stay in the original terraria mod
You didn't have to read all that, Its just in case you are interested into the Armor and stuff, If you didn't understand here is a little Resume
"This was the armor used by the last survivor of the Dungeon, His original Owner was Alathor's dad, who died in a war with the elementals, And the Armor is now Hiding in the pocket of any of the abominations in the Dungeon"

Guess that's all : [
Ima leave a nice sprite to reward those who read the whole thing :>

(Credits to Re-Logic for the Ectoplasm Original Design)

ahh this one is better than the last one lol
So guess that's all sorry for making such a big comment, Hope you like the sprite which is the Most Important Part of the Contest and guess that's all :>

Dungeon Master Set Gif (a weird wave).gif

This is a little guy saying bye to you :>_


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Seeing some of these I doubt it, but I spent time on it so I might as well.
The hood is the head, the hoodie is on the torso, and jeans are on the legs. I would like it so that the jeans, hood and hoodie itself will be easily dyed, such as the jeans entirely (not including shoes) turning into the other colors instead of changing the outline or something like dyes on some suits.
pixil-frame-0 (2).png


Annotation 2020-03-27 201158.png

A more fish like vanity since it seems that most have been less focused on water. I don't really have a name for it, this was just my first little idea and I ended up liking it.
(maybe try slipping a pun into the name just for the added fun)
No glowmasks though some of the fins might be cool.
Unsure on ways of crafting. Could be earned as a trophy set (in a way) since means of crafting would be a bit strange.


Well, I've made what I could, its somewhat rushed but at the same time not. Somehow.
Anyways, here it is:
terraria thingy.png

The tail would be included in the chest piece, apart from it there's nothing that I should point out- or at least I hope that's the case.
Also, yes, the image is really small. I did that on purpose.
So, for anyone reading this, good luck in this contest!
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