Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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My entry for the vanity contest, the Dragon’s Breath set


Concept of how it might look in game

Best of Luck to everyone!
I've always loved Terraria since the day I played it, so to be able to have the chance to have something I make be in the game is just mind blowing, so I really hope this makes it.
My idea behind this is the broken hero sword and what it makes. The middle armor is supposed to correlate to the broken hero sword. It is the broken hero armor. The one on the left correlates to the True Excalibur. It is the True Light Armor. The one on the left correlates to the True Nights Edge. It is the True Night Armor. I thought that the Broken Hero Armor could drop from Mothron just like the sword. To get the other sets I thought that you could use souls of night and souls of light to craft them. Maybe it could be that if you upgrade your Excalibur or Nights Edge while wearing the Broken Hero Armor, it turns into the set that corresponds to the sword you made. Anyway, I REALLY hope that this makes it into the game, thank you Re-Logic for making this amazing game.
Explosive Suit
*crafted at Workbench & Chair

Headpiece: Explosive Headwear
*uses 1 explosives, 1 sticky bomb, 1 bouncy bomb

Torso piece: Explosive Cuirass
*uses 1 explosives, 1 sticky grenade, 1 bouncy grenade

Leg piece: Explosive Greaves
*uses 1 explosives, 1 sticky dynamite, 1 bouncy dynamite

Vanity Contest Submission.png
Bomb Walk Cycle.gif
Bomb Mine Ground.gif
Bomb Mine Air.gif
Bomb Jump Fly Swim.gif

*The timer hands in the center are animated to rotate
*The fuse is animated to cycle between the three pixels of white, orange and yellow (it could also have particle effects)
*The feet and hands have grey pixels sticking out that are meant to be grenade pins

Regardless of whether I'm selected or not, I had a lot of fun making this submission! This is the first time I've worked with sprite creation and animation, and I've learned a lot while doing so. I can't wait to see who the finalists are!

This is the Angry Nimbus Costume, Its meant to be collected in hardmode by killing Angry numbuses, Having a 10% drop rate.

-The Cloud is suppose to be an accessory, but if you cant add that just make it the hat. (It is meant to constently rain on the player)
-The Head section is meant to be the hat, making the player look angry and pale,With blue eyes and a cloud hat. (I'd prefer to have the raining cloud, if that has to be the hat)
-The shirt has little lightning strike.
-The Shoes have a little trail

This is my first time making vanity items for terraria, so i hope you like it.
Me and my mum really bonded over this game, so thank you for making it!


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Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 7.02.42 PM.png

Marshmallow Costume!!! head piece made by 20 cloud blocks,
body piece made by 30 cloud blocks and a cloud in a bottle (that would provide a double jump if worn in the armor section),
and leg piece made by 25 cloud blocks. This is pretty easy to craft which means the vanity set can be obtained early game!

Here is my entry: The Scrapped Mind
I am honored to submit this entry as I put much effort into it.
I submitted a mechanical brain entry because I felt like it complemented the Terraria lore.
Hopefully this ends up being a winner, I have nothing to do with this and this is dedicated to Re-Logic.
Good Luck!
Contest Design.jpg

This is my submission for the Vanity Contest. I call it the, "Strange Scavanger's Set." Two pictures are provided, the left picture is a detailed drawing and the right picture is an idea of what it would maybe look like in-game. Feel free to make any design changes to the sprite picture, it's meant to show off the colors and give an idea of what the detailed picture would maybe look like. I bet you guys over at Re-Logic would make a much better in-game design. If my design get's picked, please just keep the colors similar. Remove anything that can't be done as needed.

Left picture descriptions:
-1) "Satellite dish rotates when walking."
-2) "White undershirt."
-3) "Bandana
-4) "Black Dark blue vest."
-5) "Gloves"
-6) "Vest is torn on the bottom."
-7) "Huge Work Boots"
-8) "The mining helmet's lamp could maybe give off a glow effect."

Notice: Feel free to remove any design choices that may be too complex to create with the game's graphic style

Quick edit: Equipping the hat will give players glasses like those of the Goblin Tinkerer.


-Top "Strange Scavanger's Detector Helmet"

A white-colored mining helmet with a detector antaenna attactched to it. There is a lightning bolt symbol on the antaenna's battery pack. The antaenna could maybe spin around when the player is walking.

The hat will also not hide hair. The character used for the 2nd drawing is just bald.

Possible Description- "A mining helmet with a device attached to it. You have no idea what it does."

-Torso "Strange Scavanger's Suit"

A torn up dark blue vest with a white undershirt and the vest has yellow buttons. There is a white bandanna around the neck area. There is a black belt around the player's waist. The undershirt's sleeves are rolled up to reveal gray-blue gloves.

Possible Description- "A spiffy but torn-up suit. A strange musk resonates from it.

-Leggings "Strange Scavanger's Leggings"
Black pants with gray-blue boots similar to the color of the gloves.

Possible Description- "The leggings of a spiffy suit. The boots are still in good condition.”

Good luck to everyone else participating in the contest.
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Hello! And here's my submission for the Journey's End Vanity Contest:

Neon Party Set.png

Name: Neon Party Set

This is rainbow neon-style vanity outfit with a silver gleam to it.


The set consist of the following items:

Neon Party Headset.png

Name: Neon Party Headset

A headset featuring a silver hat with a rainbow neon ring around the center. And stylish purple neon glasses :) (Note: This completely hides the players hair)


Neon Party Shirt.png

Name: Neon Party Shirt

A gradient silver shirt, featuring different colored neon rings around the shirts selves and a neon blue necklace around the shirts collar. Additionally, purple spotted neon gloves cover the players hands.


Neon Party Pants.png

Name: Neon Party Pants

Very colorful, these pants feature a rainbow design with silver-tipped shoes.


Additionally, this set would feature a Glowmask of neon colors:

Normal Lighting (Day):

Neon Party Set - Daytime.png


Dark Lighting (Night/Darkness):

Neon Party Set - Darkness.png


How this set would be obtained is for you guys to decide. Thank all of you for creating such an amazing game, and I hope you enjoyed my submission! :happy:
Vanity Submission
Biome-Transforming Armor
(Please find a better name)

Terraria Guy.png

Forest Tundra Desert Jungle Beach Mushroom Dungeon Sky

The basic idea is armor that changes depending on which biome you are in. I tried my best to create different biome "armors", but the art doesn't matter as much as the idea. Even if terraria changed it to a robe, or changed the armors completely, that doesn't matter as long as the idea stays the same. It would be cool if there was a simple animation or something as you changed from one biome to the next.

There would also be Corruption/Crimson and Hallowed counterparts for each biome. There could even be Underground counterparts, but that might be astretching it. I forgot to add a Underworld armor, but that would exist too. Remember: it's the idea that matters!

My idea for the Terraria Vanity Contest, is for there to be an NPC Vanity Suit, so I will explain the concept of the suit, and the background on how to get it.

  • OBTAINING THE SUIT - when you get the cyborg after defeating Plantera, you will hopefully have EVERY NPC in the game, after you have every NPC, go to wherever your NPCs are living, and talk to the Clothier. Once you press SHOP on the Clothier’s option, he will gift you with the NPC Vanity Suit, saying the text “Take it kid, it’s a gift made from all of us, literally.” Now you must have EVERY obtainable NPC in the game, Having Santa Claus, The Travelling Merchant, The Old Man, or The Skeleton Merchant in your world won’t count as NPCs, because they are limited, unlike the Town NPCs who stay around forever.

  • APPEARANCE – The suit has 10 different NPC body parts, including the face of The Tavernkeep (Beige color on every part of the face except for the chin which is grey.), the mask of The Witch Doctor (A bit of greyish white, covering the face of The Tavernkeep except for a bit of the side of his face, and his grey chin.), the hair of The Stylist (Reddish-Pink color, on top of The Tavernkeep’s head, it goes behind The Witch Doctor’s mask.), The Pirate’s Beard (Darkish-red tone, goes on the side and below The Witch Doctor’s mask.), The Clothier’s shirt and cape (Dark-greyish tone, with cap being red, The Pirate’s beard covers most of the cape, with only a bit of it being seen.) The Party Girl’s pants (First layer of the socks, teal, second layer of the socks, yellow, the shoes are dark red, with a little bright grey tip on each shoe’s end.) The Tax Collector’s cane (Normal grey color, goes beside The Party Girl’s pants, the player’s left arm and hand holds the cane, and puts it down and drags it back every two seconds each time they’re walking, much like how the Tax Collector uses the cane.) The Wizard’s hat (Light-Purple with a bit of yellow dots on it, it is also curved at the opposite direction wherever the player is standing, it goes on the middle of The Stylist’s hair, and goes through The Witch Doctor’s mask.) The Mechanic’s wrench (goes on the back of The NPC Vanity suit, and is only visible on the bottom left of the suit, and the top right of the suit.) The Goblin Tinkerer’s glasses (Goes on The Witch Doctor’s mask and shows the eyes of the mask through the lenses.) Hands and Legs (beige colored, much like The Tavernkeep’s face.) So anyway, that’s what my idea is, a vanity suit that displays some of the NPC parts onto a player, I really think that this would be a good idea for 1.4, because it seems very silly and wacky, much like how Terraria is, I’ll be sure to send you a picture of the suit, but yeah, that’s my idea! I hope you and the Terraria community choose me as one of the Vanity costumes for 1.4!
Signed, Terraria kid
My submission is based off the day of the dead. At the moment there is no name quite yet.


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The name of this vanity set is Chaos Armor. It has both good and evil embedded into the armor, making it a complete set-piece with every entity existing within it.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The head piece of this set is a space helmet that has a yin-yang in the middle with all the colors around it.
The torso has a skull in the middle with flames burning behind it extending all the way down to the legs.
The armor is plated metal that consists of many spikes that are dripping colors.
The neck brace of the armor contains pods of the three essential colors in order to create any color at its disposal.

Instead of being held down by one color scheme, I made multiple color variants to see what you guys like, and maybe how different dyes would affect the colors of the armor.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was hoping that the colors and/or flames would glow in the dark to give the set an extra spark of light. Also the eyes of the skull could glow a bright red in the dark to give it an ominous feeling.
I was also thinking of the possibility of making the yin-yang or colors spin around in a circle within the helmet or the colors from the spikes to glisten or move around slightly.


I hope you guys enjoy my creation and I wish you all luck in the competition and am excited what everyone comes up with <3
Meet my submission the S.T.A.R. vanity set!

I worked very hard on this set and I hope you enjoy it.

This set could drop from the moos lord (because it the actual set was supposedly forged in space) but any boss would do fine.
The horns emit a small blue mist as a glow-mask.

The set star has a meaning as well!

S. space

T. tech

A. assault

R. rampart

I wish everyone the best of luck!
Ps. sorry for saying helm for the boots, I ment it to say leggings, but I went on auto pilot. -Starmaster101



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This is my Vanity set for the contest
It's has a little inspiration from the Vortex armor
(the sword in the drawn image is not included)

The only thing I wasn't able to add was an effect on the mask, what I was thinking is that it would have a slow moving static effect across the mask
Good luck to all people who enter! Can't wait to see some awesome vanity sets and of course 1.4!
terraria vanity contest entry.png
I was looking at the existing Terraria vanity items and didn't see any that were reminiscent of the feudal Japan, samurai style. So i decided to design one as I think it would be a nice addition to the game. It's not supposed to reference anything in particular, just a samurai style with elements lifted from the general imagery. The Japanese symbol should be for earth (Terraria -> Terra -> Earth).

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