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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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The Destroyer
Here's my submission: the Nine-Tailed Fox set! (well, it doesn't make you a fox, but it's close enough and the current design allows each armor piece to fit with other vanities better so


Because why should people be restricted to just one tail with sets like the cat set?
As to which piece comes with which parts, the head comes with the ears and the eye, the chest comes with the chestplate (obviously) along with the tails and the belt, and the leggings are just the leggings (again, obviously).

Thanks for reading! :happy:

Edit: I animated it. Here it is in-game, modded in using TModLoader:


Neat, right?
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Oh cool! I have a chanse to get my character into the game!
logo base 2.png
This is Nagaiako (or just Nagi), he has two pair of ears, and his body patterns are pointy on the right, and round on the left, his chest has glowing shapes on it because why not? he also has a... metalic thing on his forearm and knuckles for some reason, his face is also a visor/screen so hes kind of a cyborg, he is a part of the made up (duh) "Protogen" species! I don't know if he would fit in Terraria but i guess there isnt a reason not to try ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

since it is so many images I made it into a google drive document, here is all the images (sorry for the glitchy lighting), this model was originally made by "Kaelygon" but I have added alot of things to it... well i mean its still from a base but... i dunno
logo base 2.png
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Worm on a string vanity set. Who know what'll happen when he gets off the string?
the head and nose comes with the head piece
the arms and chest come with the torso
the feet and legs come with the legs
To make my set a bit unique, if you have the full set on then a small worm with neon yellow eyes floats around you
You can dye the set to make it look like other colored worms on a string. the string stays the same though
if this gets accept by the Re-Logic team, I want them to think of this as a thank you for making up a big part of my childhood! <3
(sorry that the gif of the worm is weird, it works fine when I clicked it in files)


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Soup Armor For Terraria.jpg

This is The Soup Armor Set
It has a head made of soup with a soup bowl on top and meatballs and sauce for eyes

The torso is covered in noodles and green/blue and hands are made of noodles

The legs are giant noodles, because why not, with noodles trailing the legs. This is my submission because soup is a way of life


The submission I made is a cyberpunk-looking person in a trenchcoat (I didn't come up with any good names)
-The headpiece is a high tech yellow-ish visor
-The torsopiece is a brown trenchcoat with a white shirt and a cybernetic right arm
-The legs are just some grey pants
-I don't know if the reflections are possible, but I think it would look cool

Terraria Cyberpunk clothes.gif
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Armor referring to iconic game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I did my best because i love this game like terraria and i will be SOOOO Happy if this type of set could be implemented to terraria.
I spend 600 hours in terraria and if this set will be added i think that the next 500 hours should be addded then.
This set could be connection of gunslinger and warrior.
Crafting this armor it some silk and something from hardmode.
The set bonus it could be protection to some debuff and of course add extra dmg to guns and swords.
It's all what i want to tell about this of course every thing could be changed by you I only care to add this armor and similar skin <3




Hello! i have a character i designed but EternalSkiess drew this art of him, Enjoy! once again i designed this character but all the art was done by EternalSkiess! (also just wanna say a good job to the devs for making a game me and so many people enjoy enough to put thousands of hours into for instance i have 2120 hours played at the time of writing this! anyway, have a nice day!)
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Hawkins' Deathwear - Head colors are meant to be black and white as shown in the drawing, chest wear is supposed to be black in like the black drawn parts but the white parts should be transparent to show enviroment and all other stuff through it( transparent in a meaning that there is no armor or color contrast at all in those white parts at the chest armor drawing ), so that if possible, if not then it should just stay black and white as head is, and finnaly leg part, should be black with addition if possible, that black spikes ar coming out of the trail as youre moving. Some details about the armor itself: hands do have predator-like / wolverine like claws x2 on each hand, and if possible, make those spikes on the chest armor getting in and out of the armor constantly, like reactive armor. Also that in fact is scarf on chest armor piece hanging from the shoulders/neck on both sides.


I can't draw, and even MS paint skills are bad, so I'll just describe the vanity set instead:

How about a bunny suit that, when worn, makes the player look as close to an in-game bunny as possible. Given as a reward by the Dryad for completely clearing the world of corruption.
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