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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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This costume is based on my profile pic, with a belt holster and pants. It could be called the "TerriFrying Costume" or the "Fry Mascot" set or something like that. Having modded the head into the game, if this gets chosen I would be honoured if the head was called "The Fried Fro"! I love you guys, and am super hyped for 1.4! (Added a split version for clarity)


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The Eternal Hug

All those times you died all those little grave stones, now you can have an eternally dead you from one of your many graves to keep you company and hug you... FOREVER.

This is my first pixel art!

Head - A ghostly head to wisper advice in your ear, FOREVER

Body - A Ghostly form to wrap around you like a cape , FOREVER

Feet - An eerie mist from the grave to make you stub your toe, FOREVER


Dr. T0blerone

The Destroyer
Pilgrims Outfit.png
Pilgrim's Outfit
Fit with a Pilgrims hat, and conquistador shorts. To be bought from the travelling merchants stock of items or to be crafted at a loom using pieces of silk and for the hat, one gold bar.
This was originally planned for a mod but decided to put this here since the mod doesn't seem to be continuing development.
One of my favourite sprites I've made in a long while and I really think it might have potential, if not in Journey's End I'll try and add it in through modding. :)
Feel free to edit it to fit into the game a bit better btw ^^

Also, thanks to Daimgamer for the palette. 👌
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This is concept art for a game I'm making right now, so it'd be cool to see it in one of my favorite games as well.

The armor is made up of several large plates on black chain mail, and the blue bits glow faintly. The armor is designed (lore-wise) for maximum movement without compromising defense. The set's name in the game is probably going to be "wyrm bone half-plate" (not final), and it's the first armor set I've ever designed.

I expect it'll be impossible to do this much detail on the plates, though, but I just wanted to give it a shot. Good luck to everyone else!



My concept is a golden warrior ish outfit with a golden, orb shaped helmet as the head part, a chainmail torso with a golden plate attatched to it with leather straps as the torso piece, and chainmail leggings with once again, golden plates attached to them with leather straps. I've made two versions one artpiece and one hypothetical in-game sprite, i'm not the best at terraria spriting but i've done my best. I haven't decided on the name but have made a backstory:

No one knows what or who it is, it's a warrior that joins battles, but was never seen taking sides... Another weird thing is, it's never seen hurt for longer than a day! Even though an arrow hit it in the leg the day before, it'll show up in shining armour the very next day! Now i hear you asking: why do people call this strange, strange knight "it"? To answer that question, one has to go all the way back to when the first rumour was spread: it's not one knight, but multiple sharing the same armour! Many masters of war observed slight changes in technique each time the knight was hurt the day before, others observed slight changes in height aswell. But even with all these observations and people researching it, nothing is proven, about this strange, strange knight...eaee.pngEAEEEE.png
I do not own this Pixel art, but this is basically what I was thinking of for a Vanity item. This Pixel Art was done by (c) HikaruTheKitsune. This Character of his/her Pixel Art is owned by (c) GameFreak. If you could, I would be so amazingly happy to have this as a Vanity in Terraria. All I did from editing (c) HikaruTheKitsune's Pixel Art from Deviant art is, using arrows to give you a perspective of where the characters things are. I don't know if the ribbons can be allowed as for the body since there is a bow on the neck and the Ribbons are attached to it, but if that can work than that makes it even better. You will probably have to DM or something like that to (c) HikaruTheKitsune in order to allow this maybe... I really don't know but this is what a very good example of this Vanity item I really want in the game. If you can't get this in the game then I will still be happy that someone else Won and there Superly Amazing art work got into the game, because of how awesome this game really is, and how willing you creators/Dev's...etc are to having more content in your game to populate the game to be #1 Sandbox game. I Thank you so much for making this game and updating it to be among the superiors of a new type of Sandbox game. Idk what I would do without this game. Thank you.


You may delete this if you want. You have my permission.


This is the molten warlord's set.
It is based off a character I had designed but had no idea what to do with, so I'm glad I could use it here!
With the full set equipped the player would leave behind fire similar to the meteorite armour or hades dye effects.
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My idea: The Fireface.

I added a guide for scale.

Male/Female look the same, firefaces have no genders.

Animation: regular animations for the character. (all movement, interaction, using tools etc. are the same as the base character) Head fire animation cycles through the 3 full body images.

Crafting: Fireface Head: 5 Living Fire Blocks | Fireface Tunic: 15 Silk | Fireface Trousers: 10 Silk. (All at a hellforge or better furnace)

Terraria JE Fireface.png
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