PC 1.3.5 is Live!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Lanngreen

    Lanngreen Official Terrarian

    So uhm, is there a way to get the files? I kind of want to continue my modded playthrough :(
  2. SolarBunny5

    SolarBunny5 Skeletron Prime

    Aw snap! New stuff! :merchantgrin::D:dryadgrin::nursegrin:~:D`:D:redspin:

    FRANCAMENTE Terrarian

    I think i need this aswell.
  4. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    @FRANCAMENTE, we have a short term solution to this fix, if you'd like to PM me, we can try to resolve it on an individual basis.

    However, we don't offer previous version support at this time.
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  5. Mochakita

    Mochakita Spazmatism

    Is it possible to now run terraria at 4k resolutions and then downsample to my native monitor resolution of 1080p?
  6. FlyKip

    FlyKip Retinazer

    That's awesome that there are two knew dev sets! Pretty funny that this update showed up, I kinda forgot about it. :p
  7. IVT

    IVT Terrarian

    Yeah thats reasonable, I figured it was possibly a balance thing for MP/Rendering (Overwatch cuts the top and bottom on 21:9 to not give advantages) , but I felt it was worth checking just to make sure. Thanks for the quick reply.
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  8. Rariaz

    Rariaz Plantera

    Thank you for this New update, Great addition to this incredible awesome game.
  9. Wiktoryk

    Wiktoryk Terrarian

    Pls change Polish names of some items.Chlorophyte and shroomite feel random for me.But still good translation.
  10. Linio

    Linio Terrarian

    Well... Not to be a party pooper, but the accents still don't blend really well in french. I see the effort, but... it's still a little bit messy.
    Isn't there a way to improve Andy on that front, or just use another font altogether??
  11. FlyKip

    FlyKip Retinazer

    I thought that said 1.3.7 not :p
  12. Matsu

    Matsu Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Just a heads up everyone. We have a new Bug Reports section just for dealing with localization and/or translation issues. If you spot any please feel free to make a thread here: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?forums/pc-localization-bugs.192/

    As with all bug reports the more details you can provide the better. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy 1.3.5 folks.
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  13. Lycos Hayes

    Lycos Hayes Plantera

    I have to ask:

    How do we craft the Crystal Furnature? is there a new crafting station?
  14. FlyKip

    FlyKip Retinazer

    Most likely anvil or workbench. Just ask the guide. ;)
  15. Lanngreen

    Lanngreen Official Terrarian

    Guess im stuck , no terraria for me for months then :( Not gonna play another 1200 hours of non modded ..
  16. FocusPoint

    FocusPoint Terrarian

    Why is my zoom locked at 100% (179%) on 3440x1440? I thought the update had 4k support fully. Looks terrible zoomed in like this.

  17. CrazyDog

    CrazyDog Terrarian


    Im so hype
  18. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Even though I am fine with the game in English, my friends will finally be able to experience the game at its fullest, without cringing at the poor translations from the past.
    To me, this is, by far, the best thing you could do for us (no more misunderstanding of the game) AND for you (I'm sure more people will join in, and talk more about the game.)
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  19. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Mod updates usually don't take that long, unless the mod creator is inactive. Expect days to a week or two, depending on how active they are.

    I explained the reasoning behind this in a previous post, you can read it here: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/pc-1-3-5-is-live.56657/page-5#post-1311125

    Long story short: the game's on-screen resolution is not meant to go above a certain "area shown", no matter how big your monitor is. We are offering support for the monitors to function with the game at that resolution, but the game mechanics themselves are designed around a certain "area shown" being the maximum. Before, monitors at that resolution may not have functioned correctly at all.
  20. Nothing super important, but the Creeper Egg/Flickerwick light pet now looks a lot more pixelated and has some really unappealing flickering/aliasing issues when bobbing up and down in its idle animation when running the game in 1080p or lower resolutions. My video card supports resolution supersampling, and if I try running the game in 4k the flickerwick looks nice and smooth again, just as it did in any resolution in version 1.3.4.

    Edit: The same pixelation applies to the Gato Egg and Dragon Egg vanity pets (although the dragon is pretty much motionless so it's less apparent). Basically, it appears to be the same for all the pets from the old one's army invasion event. :eek: All the other pets appear to look just fine, though. Some issue with the 1.3.4 content?

    The zoom feature also introduces a lot of shimmering and granulation unless changed in increments of 50% for resolutions 1920x1080 and below. 150% and 200% both look fine, but values in between negatively affect the game's visuals. In 4k, however, it looks fine at virtually any zoom level. There just seems to be many instances of aliasing in this update that didn't exist in prior versions ^_^

    Thank you for all your continued work on the game! Minor issues aside, I'm very excited about these neat little additions and improvements to the game, as well as the things hinted at for the future. o_o
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