Terraria: State of the Game - December 2018

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    Greetings Terrarians!

    Happy Holidays from the teams at Re-Logic, 505 Games, and Pipeworks! As we near the end of 2018, we want to reiterate how grateful we are for the support of the community. Your passion helps fuel our desire to make Terraria the best it can be regardless of platform.

    PS4 & XBOX ONE

    We’re happy to announce a new patch is available (as of last week) for Xbox One & PlayStation 4. You can find the full patch notes here: CONSOLE DECEMBER UPDATE NOTES

    While we made it clear that this update was tackling both engine upgrades and technical housekeeping, the team was also able to address several bugs related to split-screen & online multiplayer, game functionality, crashes, performance, and art.

    Many of the issues included in the patch notes above were reported to us by the community both through the bug report portal and the console crash reporters.

    As always make sure to report any additional issues using the bug report form here: https://fs30.formsite.com/505games/form15/index.html

    We’ll be coordinating on what’s next for the console version of Terraria with our partners at 505 Games & Re-Logic. Stay tuned for additional information and enjoy the patch!



    The Switch version has successfully hit another new production milestone, which included a bunch of UI modifications based on feedback from Re-Logic. We plan on showcasing additional information about the UI in the future.

    While we’re still doing some in-depth testing, we’ve successfully connected 8 Switch development kits together in local wireless multiplayer.

    On top of that the team has been making additional modifications to the controls for the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller - which will be supported. It’s important to note that the game will not support a single Joy-Con input mode. These refinements have really helped improve the feel of the game regardless of your controller preference.

    We also wanted to confirm that the current plan is to support 30 worlds & 30 characters in the Switch version, though that is subject to change.



    In case you missed it, the news is finally out there about the recent mobile development move to DR Studios. If you did actually miss it, learn more - and check out the first ever views of 1.3 Mobile HERE. These latest members of team Terraria have been working on the mobile version for a while now under a veil of secrecy, but now we’ve finally allowed them out from the darkness of the underground caverns where we have kept them. They are looking forward to sharing their progress and journey with you as we move forward towards 1.3!

    On that front, it’s been a busy but very productive month for DR Studios. They are actually based in the UK very near to the 505 Games UK office, which means 505 have been visiting DR a lot over the last month to catch up on progress. That has also meant taking time to play an awful lot of the mobile version in order to make totally sure that we get the "feel" just right. In the last few days this has culminated in the very latest build going over to Re-Logic for their feedback. It is still early, to be sure, but we are taking the time needed to focus hard on actual in-game playability in regards to controls and UI elements. Beyond just adding the new content, getting that "just right" is critical to giving the Terraria Mobile players the experience they deserve. :)

    Santa is coming to bring his presents this month, so that may slow us down a bit while we take a moment to enjoy the season. Otherwise, we will be full steam ahead! While we are at it, we would love to hear what you think about what you saw in the spoiler image - feedback would be a great gift indeed! Merry Christmas all!



    Happy Holidays from the PC development team to every Terrarian out there. We always like to take time out during this part of the year to appreciate all of the support that each and every one of you have given us over the years - so, thanks so much for all you do for us! :)

    In celebration of the season, Terraria is 50% off ($4.99) on Steam for the Steam Winter Sale! You can pick your copy up (or maybe get one as a gift for a friend) on the Terraria Steam store page HERE

    As we wind up the year, we do want to share that 1.3.6 remains very much in active development - with so much exciting stuff going in (a lot of which we won't talk about for a while... or maybe will just save as surprises for launch ;) ), we cannot wait until you all get to check it out. We do not have an estimated time for this yet. For now, we wanted to share a little something we have added in - a peaceful way to unwind after a tough day exploring, killing bosses, and collecting loot....

    Happy Holidays - and we cannot wait for what is coming up for everyone in 2019!
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  2. Lord Garak

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    If 1.3.6 doesn't come out soon my hype will reach levels so critical that I may very well explode. :confused:
  3. Pandakhiin

    Pandakhiin Terrarian

    <3 Great game i hope it keeps getting new updates over the years
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  4. demizegg

    demizegg Official Terrarian

    It's nice seeing these update posts keeping us in the loop on whats going on during development on all these platforms. :happy:
    Also that new PC spoiler looks amazing! :passionate:
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  5. OHKOBunny

    OHKOBunny Terrarian

    oooh I love the kites! I really hope we can attach them to our builds though..
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  6. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Official Terrarian

    Good to see that the game is still in full development, but... Only leaked a kite as new content?
  7. BlueJay_T_Gaming

    BlueJay_T_Gaming Santa-NK1

    I am absolutely stoked! Love these updates, really shows how much y'all care about your community, and makes me even happier to be apart of this community!
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  8. Sockmonkey367

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    NOICE can't wait!
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  9. Kuriboi

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    Man, it's so good to see progress being made on Terraria for PC along with the other platforms, but I am seriously willing to wait till the end of time for you wonderful people to bring out what could be the biggest and greatest update Terraria has ever seen :D;):happy:
  10. Ori

    Ori Golem

  11. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    I hope I can keep this wyvern stuff while doing other thing at the same time... because if I can, oh god I will keep this all the time.
  12. Dan Yami

    Dan Yami Skeletron Prime

    why do I feel like that's another weapon
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  13. Nakano15

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    More like another Unicorn on a Stick, there is no other purpose than to play with.
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  14. Dan Yami

    Dan Yami Skeletron Prime

    well I pretty much meant that as a joke as it's obvious that that's gonna be a cosmetic item

    but then remember what they pulled with yoyos, and this thing pretty much looks like it partially uses the code of that
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  15. Koopahunter197

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    ooooo I can't wait for kites, they'll be so much fun to play with! I especially can't wait to try and make some cool modded kites. However, the grass I've noticed has a new texture. Not gonna lie, I'm not the biggest fan of it. Little too flat for my taste.
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  16. Lord Garak

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    Oh... I just noticed that too... it looks much worse than the original, you're right.
  17. Criddle

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    This isn't replacing the original grass, they've shown both of them together before.
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  18. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    Frankly it still looks bad even incrementally.
  19. Rassy

    Rassy Skeletron Prime

    Ok ok this wyvern kite is really adorable.
  20. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    Very cool stuff