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Console The Best Laid Plans: An Apology, a Promise, and the “Additions” Update

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by 505Games, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Diamondheart

    Diamondheart Eye of Cthulhu

    Well, time to backup my files and download the update... Do we get mine carts now or is that 1.2.4?
  2. MrRudi

    MrRudi Developer

    Minecarts are not in yet - as you could see in the changelog :)
  3. Scrubow Gamer

    Scrubow Gamer Official Terrarian

    Thank you so much for this! Also, apology accepted. :D :D :D

    xXJACKZTAHXx Terrarian

  5. Diamondheart

    Diamondheart Eye of Cthulhu

    Yeah, that's a 1.2.4 thing, couldn't remember. Apology accepted, not that you needed to. looks like they didn't patch Reds wings for all the lil kiddies screaming about "oh no! no more infinite flying!", What are the materials/summon item for the Horned God stuff? it sounds interesting....
  6. Ramah

    Ramah Terrarian

    Simply getting the underside angles on hammered blocks is cool for me. Also looks like there's a few more honey furniture items in the mix that I'm sure weren't there before although I could well be wrong on that.

    However, I'm pretty disappointed that the Orange Bloodroot bug doesn't seem to have been fixed. Surely they must know of this? Damn thing is still nowhere to be seen. Also, the extractinator is still taking two items at a time. This was changed on PC, right? I despair of ever getting the baby dino but a 50% worse chance due to the machine screwing up is just annoying.
  7. Darkwraith332

    Darkwraith332 Skeletron

    What's the "Horned God"? Are you guys compensating for our disturbing lack of walrus pig dragon?
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  8. Freakshow

    Freakshow Plantera

  9. Arpiter

    Arpiter Terrarian

    So far only got the horned god robe and I am not sure who drops it since I jumped into a crowd of mobs and used the mushroom spear to vanquish them and I ended up getting the robe (Looks nice btw)
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    Also quick buffing with the fairy bell makes the fairy buff pop up and count down from 45 but not summon a fairy using the item causes another fairy buff to appear and summon the fairy
  10. LaythDaBaker

    LaythDaBaker Terrarian

    Plz let this be 1.2.3 for mobile? anyways, sounds awesome
  11. Brony Bonfire

    Brony Bonfire Eye of Cthulhu

    Shame the gemspark items are still out of reach, but everything else sounds great.
    This update was definitely worth the months long break, now to go find that extendo grip :)
  12. jgilsenan99

    jgilsenan99 Terrarian

    So has fishron been added and fishing?? If not when will said thing be added? Thank you for the update anyway
    Ahhh I see it hasn't been added:( that's ok though thanks for all the stuff you did add!!:) would you be able 2 give an approximate date/ amount of time (eg. 1 month, 6 months) for the 1.2.4 update or too soon to say?
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
  13. Fury

    Fury Lunatic Cultist

    Excellent! Thank you very much for the update, and a stealth update at that!
    Very excited to be able to update some of my builds with this stuff. Hurrah!
    That elusive salesman hasn't appeared in my world yet, so it's stairs and slopes until he decides to visit.
  14. Satsuki Hime

    Satsuki Hime Terrarian

    So.. No Gemspark, no stylist, no ice machine, water and lavafall walls? Great.. The update Ive been waiting for managed to leave out literally every feature I wanted it for. :nursecrying:
  15. Ephidel

    Ephidel Eye of Cthulhu

    I'm very pleased about this, but I have one issue.

    Where's my Stylist?

    I've been waiting to change my hair for ages and must've ran through 10+ Spider Nests when I downloaded the update.

    Also, as other people have mentioned, all of my saved data disappeared after the update, but after reselecting the storage device on the main menu, it all reappeared.

    You know, I just planted about 50 Trees in my Snow Biome to determine which update it was. No Boreal Wood = No 1.2.4.

    I also rekilled the 3 Mech Bosses, Plantera and Golem. The Mechs seems a bit tougher (The Twins Cursed Inferno debuff) and the Golem dropped his Mask and a few Beetle Husks.

    Overall, good news, but I really wanted my Stylist. :(
  16. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism

    Awesome! But the worst time for my iPad to go haywire and reset! LOL! I may be at the bottom. But I will be back!
  17. Diamondheart

    Diamondheart Eye of Cthulhu

    Made a set of Beetle armor (both chests and a set of wings), but how do I make the Horned God set? Or what drops it? Loving the update.
  18. Mynista

    Mynista Terrarian

    I just got "Horned God Mask" drop from Skeletron Prime. Update log says "headpiece " tho.
  19. Satsuki Hime

    Satsuki Hime Terrarian

    So, that is the PC's 1.2.3 "Additions" update. They left out quite a lot from what I'm seeing.. so what do we call this one? Cause it sure isn't 1.2.3.
  20. Freakshow

    Freakshow Plantera