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  1. 009dylan

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    Looking to make a mod, but I'm really not the best at spriting... Anyone who can sprite I would love to talk to! I have a few ideas, but if you have a sprite and details of what you want something to do, I'd be more than happy to implament them. In the tooltip would be the name of the person who sprited the item(s) (Unless you don't want that, and for it to be anonomyous, or have a fake name/Terraria name/ whatever you really want I don't care...).
    you can ask me about this on this forum (which I'll be checking periodically), or as a conversation, or email me! My email is: [email protected]
  2. Kobieko_Games

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    I would love helping you but i can't sprite srry.
  3. Yvori

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    Hey uh... So, this is a strange error I'm getting since adding two Texture Packs to the TexturePacks folder with Experimental Features enabled.
    From my understanding (and having looked at the source code) tModLoader is supposed to support running multiple texture packs at once, yes?
    I assume this is because dictionaries probably don't accept duplicate values, and perpaps since both have an "Images" folder there's a problem?
    I've checked, and they have no matching filenames aside from that one folder. Even the zips are named differently.
  4. 009dylan

    009dylan Skeletron Prime

    [QUOTE="I would love helping you but i can't sprite srry.[/QUOTE]
    Ok, thank you for your response! If you would like to help modding or .wav files, I'd be fine with that, or just support it as it goes!
  5. Glipko

    Glipko Terrarian

    Help please
    There's error:
    Parameteris not valid
    в System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Stream stream)
    в Terraria.ModLoader.IO.ImageIO.ToRaw(Stream src, Stream dst)
    в Terraria.ModLoader.IO.ImageIO.ToRawBytes(Stream src)
    в Terraria.ModLoader.ModCompile.AddResource(TmodFile modFile, String relPath, String filePath)
    в Terraria.ModLoader.ModCompile.Build(BuildingMod mod, IBuildStatus status)
    в Terraria.ModLoader.ModCompile.Build(String modFolder, IBuildStatus status)
    в Terraria.ModLoader.ModLoader.<>c.<BuildMod>b__74_0(Object _)
    Here's code of item:
    using Terraria.ID;
    using Terraria.ModLoader;
    namespace TerrariaLegends.items
    class BreadSword : ModItem
    public override void SetDefaults()
    item.melee = true;
    item.width = 50;
    item.height = 50;
    item.useTime = 24;
    item.useAnimation = 24;
    item.useStyle = 1;
    item.damage = 100;
    item.knockBack = 5;
    item.rare = 13;
    item.autoReuse = true;
    public override void SetStaticDefaults()
    Tooltip.SetDefault("Sword of heroes of bread town");
    public override void AddRecipes()
    ModRecipe mModRecipe = new ModRecipe(mod);
    mModRecipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.DirtBlock, 1);
  6. Boberskiy

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    Yo guys. Do only I have probems with mods like ~ if you have a lot of mods, it crashes on *adding recipes* if it doesn't then on creating worlds. Just try to create world and it crashes
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    And now when I try to go in large world it crashes every time.
    Gtx 1070
    Ryzen 5 2600
    16GB ram

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  7. Coochie

    Coochie Terrarian

    When I try to host a server to play with friends it gets stuck on "receiving tile data: complete" and won't go farther than that so is there something I'm supposed to do to play with friends?
  8. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    Terraria (and by extension, tModLoader), is a 32 bit program due to using Microsoft's 32 bit-only XNA framework.
    As a 32 bit program, it can only use a maximum of 4 GB of RAM, so adding enough content to push it over that limit while loading (or while playing) will cause an out of memory crash like that one. It's unavoidable in the current scheme of things, unfortunately.
    Your best bet is to remove some mods, I'm afraid.

    There is someone working on a beta for a 64 bit tModLoader, but I'm unsure how stable it is as they're still in the testing phase.
    Perhaps look them up. Their name is Draedonhunter or something if I recall. If you'd be willing to accept the risks associated with trying it, you could always try out the 64 bit beta from them and see if it works.
  9. Zwip-Zwap Zapony

    Zwip-Zwap Zapony Terrarian

    If you have the Regen From Bosses mod active, disable it. Apparently I somehow made version 2.0 of it completely multiplayer-incompatible while trying to make it as multiplayer-compatible as possible. (No, I do not know how to fix that, unfortunately.)
  10. 009dylan

    009dylan Skeletron Prime

    Take a look at Example mod's Code for a sword, and use that as a base. If you still can't figure it out, then contact me!
  11. WoC

    WoC Terrarian

    is it okay if i extract terraria.exe then change the tmod extracting code so that it extracts it no matter what so that i can see other mods code for easier coding ?
    PS: i am not expert at coding that's why it will take me a long time to figure out how but is it still allowed ?
  12. Thornstromb

    Thornstromb Terrarian

    I have a question: once, looooong ago when i first looked into modding, i received information that there is a limit to how many items/blocks/whatevers terraria can actually register, as the system used to index those things had an upper limit. I believe it was changed, but my questions are : does this limit still apply, what is it now, and is this limitation still meaningful for a modder? (google is failing me badly, but i found an implication that the new "tile limit" is "65536", which i assume to be beyond any meaningful limitation. Maybe?

    ** Also, as another part of my ongoing semi-project to rebuild Story of Red Cloud, can Plantera Bulbs be disabled? or can the spawn effect be disabled if not?
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  13. Fabulous-Senpaii

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    Hi when I try to play with some mods it crashes after like 10-15 mins of playing and this images shows, maybe its too many mods but Idk

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  14. WoC

    WoC Terrarian

    be sure to have at least 8 gb of ram unlike me and tell me mods ur using
  15. Rcki

    Rcki Official Terrarian

    Is there a way to achieve this effect on a custom boss?
  16. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    Yes, check in ExampleMod for the bullet. You can do the same for NPCs.
  17. Rcki

    Rcki Official Terrarian

    Nvm I already found out how.
  18. AndreyDP

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    When playing with a large number of mods, I get a message in which it says that I do not have enough memory. But there is a lot of memory on my computer. Is there any way to fix this?
  19. Donoya

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    Hey, I posted on the TModLoader help thread a while back and haven't gotten any help from it. Is that the wrong place to ask for help making mods? I ask because I see many questions on this thread that seem like they belong in the other one and the questions asked on here seem to get more attention than the ones on that other thread, too.
  20. jopojelly

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    The most active place for help is the discord chat: