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tModLoader The Taradoxian mod

Skyre Ventes

Eye of Cthulhu
I'm pretty sure this was doomed to fail predominantly due to even the mere association with trelamium... Not to mention the main leading dev randomly left without notice... I honestly would've been tremendously surprised if this actually were to have made it to a beta-testing state of development, let alone actually releasing.
Even before I reached the end of this topic it was obvious a guy with *that* type of personality wasn't going to last.
I guess he took what he could and just ran off, I'm sorry you guys were used like that.

Skyre Ventes

Eye of Cthulhu
Even before I reached the end of this topic it was obvious a guy with *that* type of personality wasn't going to last.
I guess he took what he could and just ran off, I'm sorry you guys were used like that.

i dont even think he took anything... he probably saw the way things were going and took a head start in leaving...


And most of the Trelamium code was from calamity anyway, since Mr. Black *gathered inspiration* from it. Tbh I didn't even know we gave away our assets.


Skeletron Prime
Please, stop crediting me. I dont want to have to do anything with this/trelamium...
Edit: please remove ALL mentions about me.
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Name: The Azolinth Displace name: The Azolinth

Type: Bosses AI: Custom Max Life: 20000000/40000000 KB Resist: 100%

The Azolinth Head

Type: Enemy Damage: 550/1100 Defense:0

The Azolinth Body(88 Parts)

Type: Enemy Damage: 200/400 Defense:0 The Azolinth Tail

Type: Enemy Damage: 300/600 Defense:0 The Azolinth Probe

Type: Flying Enemy AI Type: Flying Damage: 200 / 400 (Dashes At Player) Max Life: 1000 / 2000 Defense: 20 / 28 Immune to: All debuffs The Atholith(The Worm Summoned by Atholith, the worm that are being summoned by Azolinth after dropping down to 7 million health)

AI: Worm Max Life: Unkillable KB Resist: 100% Atholith Head

Type: Enemy Damage: 200 / 400 Defense: None, Invincible Atholith Body(45 Part)

Type: Enemy Damage: 90 / 180 Defense: None, Invincible Atholith Tail

Type: Enemy Damage: 110 / 220 Defense: None, Invincible


A very tanky and strong worm boss with around 20 million health and no defense, 90 parts and no piercing immunity that's what terraria worms intended to be, like destroyer for example. When i took care of him and tried to fix him he would occasionally surround you or corner you and all of his body parts started shooting, i would like to see that attack still being in the game. When he reached less than 14 million health he would start shooting energy blasts from his head occasionally (in trelamium they were cultist's lightning orb arcs) when he reaches 7 million health his defense raises up to 20 The boss moves fairly slow, the fight focuses on minions and projectiles. With the slow movement it's easier for him to corner you.

All the body parts inflict that nebula debuff that covers your whole screen and 'azolinth debuff name that i can't think off' lowering your damage by 50% and defense by 50, so if you get hit again in a short time you will be screwed.

Attacking the body parts, much like destroyer has a Chance to summon probes. Vortex probes in this case (Azolinth is the guardian of the vortex, it was a theme for post moon lord trelamium to kill galaxy guardians and then combining all true fragments summon the trelamium god) When he reaches 10 million health he spawns a supportive mini worm, the worm is unkillable and has a very similar ai to the azolinth, basicly just a weaker version of it (the worm spawns from the tail/head) Upon death azolinth would drop true vortex fragments, you could make the screen flash as well. such high health? Well think about this: Most weapons have -1 penetration, assuming that it also has high damage/firerate and you aim properly, azolinth has 50+ parts One projectile hits the target 50 Times or even more so one shot equals weapon damage * worm parts hit dps equals weapon damage * projectiles per second * worm part hit
If u add a summon weapon that summons this to fight for u ( the standard type not too op but if this boss is post moonlord then it shouldn't be a problem ) I would definitely download this mod, currently I'll I'll just watch it
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