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    MainSlotZero mod is awesome, thx:happy:
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    I really want the Never Enough Devices stuff here. I've been aching for those ever since the change to tAPI. I loved fiddling with the radio transmitters and stuff. I can't remember all the goodies that were in that one.

    Some ideas off the top of my head (with allowances if it could already do that :p)...

    1. Daylight and Moonlight sensors? - constant wire signals when it was day or night.
    2. Portcullis Doors - these go straight up/down, and can only work with a wire pulse.
    3. Portable Radio Transmitter - put it in a hotkey, right click to open it and set a radio frequency, left click to send out that frequency.

    One thing I'd like to see, that I'm sure you could come up with Mirai (since your NE Devices mod makes you the most awesome modder ever), a sort of Stargate portal system. About all I can find with Google is that there is a Minecraft version of this. I did find one picture of what looked like a Stargate in Terraria, but it seems like it was fake. Otherwise it'd be easier to find a mod on it.

    But with your skill at making devices, surely you could put this in?

    Dial Home Device - A machine you place beside the Stargate to make it functional. Either loot only or you craft it with mid-high range Hard Mode Ores and Wire. Right-Click to open a menu where you place two sets of numbers:
    1) Location (this series represents the DHD's location)
    2) Destination (this series would be what you punch in when activating the DHD, it searches for the DHD in the world that has a matching combination in it's location slot)

    Stargate Blocks - made from hard-mode ores, you would basically make a square frame, about 10x10 in size. You could possibly use a special Stargate Wall to simulate an Iris, when the Stargate is not functioning, and a blue event horizon while it was working.

    I think it wouldn't be that difficult. Because the number stuff, you already did that with the Transmitter and Receivers in NE: Devices. This seems like it'd be largely similar, unless I'm horribly horribly mistaken.

    Regardless, keep up the great work. :)

    (Edit: Another really cool thing, would be if you could punch in an address, and have it set where it would take you out of your current world, and port you in front of a Stargate you had built in another one. But that seems very complicated to me. But would make for a GREAT explorer and adventurer setup. Like what they did with Stargate Atlantis.

    Possibly linking a world to a special 8th number. Like if the 8th number in the sequence is 1, load the first world on your list, and port the character into it.)
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    Hello, thanks for the words of praise, and don't worry, devices will be going into ??? (what I've been calling my content mod) as well :dryadsmile:

    For your ideas:
    1) There were already day and night sensors, the solar panel and lunar panel, and they will be coming back. They were basically clocks that turned on during the right time of day. I also plan to have an advanced mix of them that just sends a pulse when it changes between day and night.
    2) I planned this for so long, but never got to it :dryadrolleyes: I'm still not sure if I want to make it like the pistons (moving block by block) or just instantly open and close. The first is probably the best, just tedious :dryadtongue:
    3) I considered it, but never thought of a good way to set it up. I think what I'm going to do, is for my items that have a "mode switch" or need configuring, you use the item while the "smart" feature is enabled. (the thing that makes the cursor wider and you auto target when mining/placing blocks) I try to avoid using right click for items, since items are meant to be left click only.
    4) A "stargate" type thing is something I've considered since the beginning. A more recent idea has made it seem a lot easier to do, so it'll probably happen. I probably wont call them stargates, though, maybe just "Gateways", because I'm super original like that :dryadtongue: As for across worlds... I don't know, I can consider it, but it's a pain to get that type of thing working.
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    That's great news. The only thing is (and I think it's a huge conspiracy :p), is that 1.3 will be right around the corner, and then it'll take a while for tAPI to get to 1.3. x_x Then it'll be gnawing at me whether to play 1.3 or with your mod. It's agonizing I tell you.


    So, for other devices....

    Auto-Targeting Turret - A weapon you place somewhere that fires, but it fires -at- an enemy within range. Like those found in Metroid Prime, or other games. Not like the simple traps, that just fire in a single direction, but one that actually has a field of vision where it can target and fire into.

    With the Minecarts, maybe a sort of minecart elevator. You run down the track and hit the elevator, and if it has power, you go up, if no power, the elevator goes down. When it hits the top, or bottom, it zooms you down the next series of minecart tracks. It'd be great to use this to travel quickly around the world.

    I dunno if these would qualify as devices, but here goes:

    Chest Cart - Minecraft thievery at it's best. An item you place when the track is down, with an inventory that you can fill. Then you push it to send it along the track to a destination. Helpful to unload a lot of stuff while you are underground, without returning to the surface. Although this might be impossible.

    Another way, I think would be cool, is to make a Miner NPC, who rides in a Mine Cart. And can only travel while there are Minecart Tracks. You talk to him to get an inventory option. Then you can offload your stuff. And maybe give him a direction to ride the tracks as far as he can. Which leads him back to your base to sit and wait for you to come empty it out.

    Since I'm going with Minecraft stuff...

    T-Batteries - An energy source for portable devices. Holds 10 units of energy (just a measurement function, the devices themselves can hold so many units, generators replenish so many units per game hour)

    Solar Generator - couples with a Solar Panel to build up it's energy reserve. Holds 50 units of energy, daylight fills the tank with 2 units per game hour.
    Thermal Generator - stick it in Lava to build energy. Holds 50 units of energy, lava fills the tank with 4 units per game hour.

    Metal Detector - Portable Tool, 1 energy per use, gives you a temporary buff to display all metals on screen (like the existing buff potion, but shorter duration, like 1-3 seconds) Holds 15 units of energy.
    Mining Helmet 2.0 - Portable Helmet, 10 units of energy = 30 minutes of light, this helmet is a better version of the existing Mining Helmet. The light provided is much better.

    This is just a preliminary idea. But if it was liked, then you could add a larger energy storage tank, for the Generators to fill. As well as enhanced devices that grant other buffs, such as Night Vision Goggles. Or it opens the way for Electricity-Based traps. Whether new fencing that, when there is energy available to them, would damage monsters that came into contact with them.

    Maybe it's too much from Minecraft, but one of the things I liked about playing with that was the energy based stuff. Generating it, and putting it into machines to use. I guess because of the realism factor.
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    Lots of big messages eh? :dryadtongue: That's okay, I love getting suggestions.

    And ya, we're all dreading 1.3... hehe. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until a version becomes "stable" again, and stops getting frequent updates, which is bound to happen for a bit after 1.3.

    For the ideas:

    1) Turrets were planned a long time ago, I was just too lazy to make them back then. I also plan to implement the old "DTraps" mod from tconfig into my mod, unless the original dev comes back and wants to take over again. I got his permission a few months ago to update it for him.

    2) A minecart elevator... I'll have to bug a few people to figure out how possible that is, I haven't even used the minecarts yet, so I have no clue.

    3) I've been considering custom minecarts since I saw them, we'll see how they turn out. For item transport though, I do have plans for a piping system.

    4) For electricity... I don't know. I know @Me3sa is working on a mod with that, and I'd rather not trample on toes :p We'll see though, the issue I have with making an electrical system is that 90% of things in Terraria are either overabundant, or essentially free. Everything is also instant, so making a slow generator would be more of an annoyance than a convenience, like it is in Minecraft. My original thought on it was to have generators just be like chests with fuel, and would work like pumps, you trigger wire, and if a device needs power, it checks if the wire has hit a power source, and if so, it would just instantly use up fuel that was in that generator's storage. Nothing like an actual power system, just a way to add an extra cost to certain things.

    5) I already have plans for the fancy helmets from Never Enough Devices to come back, and they had a bunch of effects mostly for free, so we'll see. One even revealed ores, which would make a metal detector less useful. If I end up doing the fuel-chest style generators, maybe I can make a way to fill these with power.
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    1 - Piping System
    That could work very well. Then you could run pipes to certain areas, like a central drop point where numerous tunnels connected.
    I'm assuming this is like some of the piping in Minecraft, where you will be able to place it beside a chest and the items in the pipe will automatically go into the chest?
    Different colored pipes would be good, to color code them and give you a way of organizing your pipes. But maybe also special connectors at the ends. To be combined with a chest.
    Say a Red Connector will pull items from the chest beside it and send them down the pipe.
    A Blue Connector will deposit items into the chest beside it.
    You could then place a Connector on either side of a chest, to extend the range of a pipe, while allowing you a manual drop point.

    If that is confusing, here is a bit more of a detail. You have a large station built about halfway between the Hell Layer and the Surface. You have pipes running straight up to the surface. Blue at the end to offload pipe items into the chest at the Surface, Red at the end to withdraw items from the chest at the Station.
    You then connect a new set of pipes running to Hell, with Blue at the Station chest, and Red down in Hell. So basically you put items into the Hell chest, it is piped up to the halfway station, which grabs them and pumps them on up the path to the Surface.

    This way, if you are mining around the Station area, you can go drop items in the chest to go to the Surface. If you are in Hell, you can do the same. But when you are in Hell, it negates the need to visit the Station to restart the pump mechanism to finish sending items to the Surface. You could go from Hell to the Surface, and back, without ever having to stop at the Station to make the item transfer. Similarly, you could work around the Station level and the Surface, without having to change your pump system any.

    2 - Turrets
    I see a variety of these, with different options for usage. And of course, different requirements to make and use. Primarily so we have more to play with than just one type of turret, and also to make them available more fluidly throughout the game.

    Low Tier Options:
    The Porcupine: Materials used include Wood, a Chain or two, maybe a Dart Trap. This one uses Wood as ammunition. You could hover over it to see how much ammo it currently holds, out of a possible 999. So a full stack of Wood. To load it, you stand beside it and use Wood on it, the way you use Silt in the Extractinator. Basically it launches sharpened wood stakes. The limitation is you have to harvest wood and reload it from time to time. And the damage would be low, since this is an early game turret. Meant for weaker enemies mostly.

    Sand Blaster: Materials used include Sandstone, Wood, Chains, and a Dart Trap. This one uses Sand as ammunition. Same basic premise as the Porcupine, however the sand does more of an Area of Effect damage, capable of hitting several enemies in a small area. So if you had 5 enemies gathered right in front of a door, as they sometimes do, this would blast them all. The fine sand would blast out in a pressurized spray, and scour flesh from them. (-insert diabolical laughter-)

    Higher end turrets on the Low Tier could use Cacti as ammunition, or more specifically the thorns of a cactus, to cause more damage than the wooden stakes.

    Mid Tier Options:
    Fire Quill: Basically an updated Porcupine, that uses Fire Arrows as ammunition. Capacity is a full stack of them.

    Burning Sands: Updated Sand Blaster, this one uses Sand as well, and requires torches or lava buckets for crafting them. Something based around a LOT of heat. The sand is heated and the spray is similar to a Sand Blaster, but with heated sand, the damage output is higher. (And hot sand flung at you is definitely a PAIN.)

    Other options for Mid-Tier items would be a Flamethrower, that could cause a burning debuff on enemies. A turret that used glass for ammunition, breaking it up to a fine powder and launching it for damage and AoE similar to the Sand Blaster, but with some kind of debuff that blinded monsters.

    Other options for turrets that aren't so...specialized...would be ones that could use Arrows and Bullets. This way you have ammunition that increases in damage as the game progresses. Of course, there is a difference. With using the existing ammo, the turret would draw damage values from the ammo placed inside. With the specialized versions, damage would be fixed based on the turret, I think.

    Other optional ammo types, would be blocks, such as dirt, mud, clay, stone. Or maybe I'm just going too much of the mad scientist here.

    Now for some other ideas....

    I love summons, so why not more 'device' types, as opposed to the magical/natural creatures we have now. In general, all the summons I've seen either fall into two types. The magical creatures or natural ones. So basically a Wizard summon or a Druid summon, in Dungeons and Dragons terms. That leaves us with Constructs, or golems.

    To adhere more strictly to the "device" category, these are all more mechanical in nature.
    1. Robot NPCs: These are all basically mechanical versions of the vanilla NPCs, with differing damage styles based on what they are.
    Guide - Melee attacking
    Dryad - attacking in the form of a nature spell
    Demolitionist - attacking with grenades that explode on contact with the enemy. Sort of like an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade).
    Arms Dealer - attacks with a gun or pistol

    2. UFO - flies around in the air, zapping enemies with a beam weapon

    3. Metallic Golems
    About twice the size of the player character, based around metals. The better the metal, the more damage they can inflict. These would become obsolete as newer ones were made available. Unless you could enforce a limitation on the number that could be summoned, regardless of Armor Bonuses. I'm not sure what the upper limit is with armor bonus. Something makes me think either 3 or 5. So if you went with 5...
    Copper -- up to 5 at a time
    Iron -- up to 4 at a time
    Silver -- up to 3 at a time
    Gold -- up to 2 at a time

    Then when you get to Hardmode, it'd reset back to 5 for the lowest quality hardmode ore, and go back down to a lower amount for the higher version. Or if this wasn't possible, then maybe each of the Golems could inflict a different type of status effect, in addition to damage. So they aren't entirely useless once you get a better version, depending on your playing style.

    Of course, with added status effects for golems, it opens the way for accessories that influence these with your summon. So if a golem inflicted a status that caused the enemy to burn and take damage, the accessory you have for that one could extend the duration of the debuff.

    Okay...I guess I should go back to other devices.

    Drilling Device - Either limited use, or requires some form of fuel to run. So you either craft a bunch of them to use, or you have to keep getting fuel to put in. Acts like an NPC, since I think that is the only way a non-creature can actually move?. So you drop it out of your inventory, give it the fuel, and it immediately starts to dig. The catch is, it only digs a hole straight down, two blocks wide. But will go as long as it has fuel. Sort of like an auto-Hellevator item. It could have an inventory like a chest, where all blocks it encounters would fill into this inventory for you to harvest.

    You could then provide limitations or enhancements. The standard version could act like a lower quality Pickaxe. Better versions could allow for the harvest of better quality ores. So you can't get a freebie with mining stuff you normally wouldn't be able to at that level.

    If you can get a Mining Elevator to work, then it seems logical to produce a normal elevator as well.

    How about a sorting chest? With your pipe system, if you designed a special chest that worked sort of like an old television splitter. One input (from a pipe) that came in from the bottom. You could place the chest on top of the pipe, if the pipe were a block. Or a special block the pipe fastens to.

    The outputs could be on the sides. You could have two special slots in the chest, to place an item into, and it goes by the type to direct the flow.

    So a Block would send all blocks through the output, a Brick would instead send all bricks. Put in a weapon and all weapons go through, a Potion would send all potions out. Or maybe this would be too much hassle. But I think a lot of people who sort their stuff via chests, could appreciate dumping it all into one and letting automation sort for them. Rather than stopping at each chest and doing the Quick Stack to dump similar items in.

    It would be slightly limited, but sorting options could include:
    Weapons, Armors, Accessories, Blocks, Bricks, Walls, Potions, Vanity, Placeables, Chests

    Atmospheric Water Generator - The A.M.G. would be an item that you can place, preferably on a small plot of land floating in the air above a chasm in the ground. It pulls water from the air and outputs it (hence the need for it to be over the chasm).

    I dunno about most, but I like to play with water. But using buckets or pumps takes a while. Especially if I'm trying to construct a secret base of mass dest....um...water gardening. >.>

    So this could pull water out of the air, although you'd need some sort of shutoff. So a Water Sensor would work. It could either send a signal until water was above it (so when the signal stops the A.M.G. stops), or it sends a signal only while water is above it. But then it'd be useless with an A.M.G.

    Now that I mention sensors, it sparked a few more ideas.

    Clock Sensor - Sends out a signal at a specific Terrarian Hour. This is like the day and night sensors, but it only works once per day. Why? Well...why not? :p But it could make for more fun device chicanery. It seems like it'd work best if you made a single one, and you interact with it to set the time. A basic version could work only on a certain hour (ie, 3am, 4am, 5pm, 12am, etc). An upgraded version could then had half-hour capabilities. So it could be 3am, 4:30pm, 12:30am, etc. Sort of like the watches you get, which could be part of it's construction. To go down to a 15 minute interval would be the final step. It largely depends on HOW you wish to use it.

    Now we get to timers.
    We have the timers for various seconds to send a signal. However, I haven't yet seen a timer that runs for a limited time, then shuts off.
    This could open up a possibility for people to build death traps and things for friends to run through. Basically the number on it is how long it sends out a signal once you turn it on, then it shuts off. You have to manually turn it back on. Or, a wire signal could turn it back on.
    The timed intervals could be in seconds:
    90, 60, 45, 30, 15, 10
    Either you make a single timer where you can cycle through the intervals to select the one you want, or you make them like the existing timers, but instead of a red number, make it blue so it is visibly different.

    Options for this? Well...uhm. You use a Clock Sensor to turn on your 90 second timers at say...6am. The timer continually sends out it's pulse for 90 seconds. xD I kind of...lost where I was going for the purpose of these two. But I'm sure it was something intricate...and possibly evil.

    I know you could combine this with the Portcullis idea. At least for the timer to trip it open, but only for a certain amount of time. Like some of the doors in the Prince of Persia series. Also good for an automatic door to a trap room, that would allow a bunch of zombies at the door to come in, with it slamming shut a few seconds later. :p But that could technically be done by you clicking a switch. But then how could you recline back and laugh twistedly as they are mown down by your turrets?

    Moving forward with the Generators talk...

    For underground, lava in the Thermal Generator was already mentioned. A water mill would be another possible one. But would require water flowing past it like a stream, to generate a wire pulse. That wire pulse could in turn power some things, but also power a pump system to return the water to the top, so it was a never-ending stream.

    Wind could be a power source, based on block height. The higher up it is, the more it could generate. Similar to one in a Minecraft Mod.

    I'd like to see lights that only worked while the wire signal was being sent. Not the way it is now, where the wire signal simply turns it on or off. But more like real lights. As long as there is a signal, they are working. But if the signal stops, it all goes dark. I definitely like realism in stuff.

    Okay, that's all I have for now. :D
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    Wire Fabricator - Input Copper bars, and out comes bundles of Wire. Maybe something like 1 Copper Bar -> 20 Wire.
    I'd like to see something like this, so you aren't always dependent on purchasing wire, or harvesting it in the world.

    Computer - I know Minecraft has these, but I'm not thinking of them in exactly the same way. More of the Terraria Computer interacting with other devices. Like a sort of Overcontrol Mechanism. The computer could have slots where you place other devices inside it. And options to control them, with wire as the outputs to carry it out.

    Okay, so maybe Computer is too complicated. But I'm thinking of it mostly as a way of tightening up a build. If you combine up to four devices in one machine, with options to have 2-4 of those devices linked together within the computer. Perhaps an example. (For it to be easier, devices can only interact in sequence. So Slot #1 and #2, #2 and #3, #3 and #4, or #2, #3, and #4 would be the possible choices.) The devices are run in numerical order with the startup. For other purposes, the Slot's correspond to sides of the computer. Slot #1 sends out signals on a wire from the TOP of the computer. Slot #2 = right side, Slot #3 = bottom, Slot #4 = left side.

    Slot #1: Solar Panel - The computer only functions during the day.

    Slot #2: 1/3/5 Second Timer:
    #1 connected to #2) the timer only functions during the day, and sends a signal every X seconds.
    a) A wire on the right side of the computer will send out a wire pulse based on the timer.
    b) the connection continues into Slot #3

    Slot #3: Lunar Panel - with the connection to Slot #4, a signal is sent at night
    Slot #4: Transmitter - at night, the transmitter turns on and broadcasts to a receiver elsewhere

    With this, you have numerous items, combined into a single, more efficient setup. A more advanced computer could offer different connections. Such as the slots setup like this:

    Then you could make the connections: 1->2, 1->3, 1->4, 1->2->3, 1->2->3->4, 2->3, 2->4, 2->3->4, 1->3->4, 1->2->4

    I'm not sure how complicated this would be. I get this itch that if it were kept simple, it could offer a ton of possible interactions. Something like the slots act as if the device were placed in the world. The connections between slots would then act as wire connecting the slots. Maybe with something to determine how it worked, whether the signal continues to a new slot, or to the output on the sides of the computer.

    Wireless Cameras
    Monitor Station
    This is meant to work similar to the way Binoculars do, but not quite. (I'm not 100% sure it's even possible, to be honest.)

    You place the cameras out in the world at various points. Maybe you are just paranoid. Maybe it is a way to keep check on various bases you have. Security, right? When you interact with a camera, you set it up with a frequency. Something different than the Transmitters use. Maybe the Camera frequency takes the numbers you use, and adds a C to the beginning. So if you place a camera at the Dungeon, and set it to 1249, the frequency it pumps out is really C1249.

    The Monitor Station can tune in to the Camera frequency. You punch in 1249, it looks for C1249. When you activate the monitor, it changes the view on screen to show the camera at the dungeon. Giving you a short glimpse of what is going on there.

    Trapdoors - I realize this can be done with Active Blocks...but c'mon. I want to see a dedicated trapdoor. With a wire signal it remains closed, if there is no signal, anything walking over it drops them in a hole.

    Motion Sensor: Why not make something like this, that you can place on the ground. If an enemy walks over it, or flies up to a height of say...20 blocks, it pings out an alert to you. It could also send out a wire pulse, to activate a trap. Granted a Pressure Plate can do the same...albeit without the ping to the character. This is more for a base defense than to be used while exploring. You could setup the M.S. to send out a color text ping and a sound that the character can hear. The color can help determine from which direction your base is under attack. Helpful for a larger base that has areas off screen. Unfortunately useless during a goblin invasion. But during most others, it can give you a head's up on where you need to go.

    Searchlight - Working on the premise of pressure plates and motion sensors, this item, which only functions at night, would create a large beam of light, aimed at the offending sensor. Maybe it could be designed like a Crystal, so the light could be more believable in shining out in different directions. A more mechanical version would only shine in the direction it was facing, unless you had the sprite capable of turning to face the other way.

    Beams - I'm curious about focused light. I was thinking of this yesterday. Where you place a device that spits out a thin beam of light that is visible on screen. Or sensors that can be activated by this light. Possibly placing gemstones within the device to change the color, and maybe even the effect. A ruby could make the light red, and anything touching the light could be burned. A sapphire makes it blue, and possibly this could offer a freezing damage. You could then possibly put in Mirrors, in various forms. / and \ to angle the light up or down.

    Mini-Greenhouse - This device would require you to input certain things.
    -About 10-20 blocks of dirt: One time, as this would be recycled with the planting.
    -Seeds: You place one type of seed in the slot, that is what will be grown.

    This basically is an automated device. It only works with a wire signal. It generates plants based around a certain time frame. You harvest the plants from within an export slot in the device. It can hold up to 10 seeds, and these replenish themselves over time, going on the logic that the flowers will drop more seeds inside the greenhouse.

    The yield could be something, not too large, but not too small. It would be time-based, because really to pump out a ton of plants quickly seems a bit much. Maybe something like...20-30 per game day. This way you can keep generating them while you are off exploring, without having to come back and harvest or replant.

    The number is low, because you use fertilizer to enhance the yield.
    Bones (5) - You will now get 30-40 per day.
    Fish (10) - You will now get 40-60 per day.

    The greenhouse could accept any type of flower that you can collect in game. So you could use multiple greenhouses to farm a number of plants, quickly and easily.

    Door (needs a better name than I can come up with right now)
    Basically the scanner will scan the PC, and the door only opens for that PC.
    This would make a good way to seal your base completely against enemies that could normally open your door and come in to harass your NPCs. Another could feature, if you could build a base with completely unbreakable blocks surrounding it, then in multiplayer you'd never have to worry about people going in to mess with your stuff. If that were a concern.

    I think I'll leave it at that for now. :D
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    Sheesh, busy all day yesterday so couldnt answer the first one, and now there's volume 2! :dryadconfused: Here goes my response-novel :dryadtongue:

    1) Pipes: I actually have pipes mostly planned out, and it will be using colours in a way. The basic idea is to have the pipes just be connectors(kinda like how wires are, but tiles) and that there will be an "Inventory Manager" (no idea on name lol) that grabs items from a chest, either from a wire pulse or automatically. You can configure certain items to have a colour, and it will try to send it to "Inventory Connector"s that match that colour. It will only send to colourless ones if it can't find a matching colour, or if the item had no colour.

    In order to allow the pipes to be useful for more than just sorting/moving items, I'll probably add something like a "Crafting Manager" that can make items for you, or things that drop the item in world or place it.

    2) Turrets: We'll see for turrets. I don't want TOO many tiers, they will probably not be possible to make until you have wire, so post-dungeon. Having lots of super powerful automatic weapons would be a bit crazy, considering you could just place hundreds and have them deal with a boss for you :dryadconfused: They will probably mostly be kinda weak like the vanilla dart trap, but with better aiming and giving different debuffs.

    I do like them needing ammo though, either pipes or something similar to my power idea would work well for that.

    3) Summons: I've wanted to get into the summons since they came out, but have kind of avoided it because of the AI coding... We'll see though, since my content mod will have all my content this time, there will probably be mechanical crafted "summons" and normal more magical ones, eventually.

    4) I'm not sure about mechanical town NPC's as a summon, but I like the idea of making them hardmode rare monsters that can spawn, like a miniboss of sorts.

    5) Drill Machine: I honestly had an idea for this, but don't remember it anymore. I'll think of something though, with pipes it kind of makes sense to have some sort of automatic mining.

    6) Sorting: Read pipe thing :dryadtongue: I might add ways to sort based on types of items as well, would have to think of a good way to make that work and still be easily configurable.

    7) Liquid Generator: I honestly already have sprites for a lava pump and water pump, that basically would work like an infinite pump. Not sure what the recipes would be, probably need the hard-mode circuit board item, just to try pushing it a bit back, but its easy to make infinite with 2 vanilla pumps anyways so no point making it too expensive.

    8) Time Sensor: Not sure about this one, we'll see. I don't want to have to add 24 tiles for this, when very few people would probably use it.

    9) Timers: hm, I already had super long timer options, but actual like timed timers? hm, I don't know, maybe, but its super easy to do already, you would just need to wire a second longer timer to the first so it turns on at the same time, counts down, then turns them back off. Also, for delays, there are resistors, which I had implemented in the old version :dryadsmile:

    10) Portcullis: I think I already have a plan to make this work :dryadsmile: Wouldn't need fancy wiring.

    11) Wires/Generators: Remember wires don't actually have a signal. Everything in Terraria is like a pulse. There already is however blinklamps, which turn off if you don't keep pulsing them. Also, because of the above liquid generators, I don't like the idea of liquid based power. Free power like solar/wind doesn't make much sense either. If I make generators, it'll probably be 100% fuel based.

    12) Wire Making: Already added rubber to the game, and a recipe to make wire. In the new version, the recipe will change from using copper to using "Conductive Alloy", aka copper + iron. (There will also be a "Soldering Alloy" with tin + lead, and I'll probably try to add a way to get the ores that don't generate in your world so this is easier)

    13) Computers: There will be control panels, which have multiple buttons in a small area, but not sure about a computer type thing. There will be logic gates, which will be quite configurable, that might work for things like that.

    14) Cameras: Too much work, I already know I'd never do this. In single player this would be easy, but getting it to work properly on multiplayer would be a nightmare.

    15) Trapdoors: Already sprited and done, was in the original :dryadtongue: And again, there's no such thing as a "signal" in Terraria, everything is just pulses, which cause things to toggle from one state to another.

    16) Motion Sensor: I had a tripwire that was similar to this before, that was invisible unless you were holding a wrench. I could probably make something similar for a wider range of detection though.

    17) Search Light: Meh.. I don't know, maybe, but if I do the above, this is kind of pointless aside from for looks, and Terraria isn't really a modern/sci-fi type game so it doesn't really fit too well.

    18) Beams / Lasers: So basically, lasers? There was a suggestion about having lasers in the old forums, and I was considering doing it.

    19) Greenhouse: Not sure about this, largely because I was planning on adding devices for automating plant growing/harvesting in the world. My way would work with mod plants, too, hopefully.

    20) Scanner: So basically, a player detector, for specific players? I could add a "hand scanner" type tile thats basically a button that only works for the person who placed it, I guess.

    Sheesh, 20? I really need to get to work on ??? so it can have it's own thread, this is technically a bit off topic, but I guess there's nowhere else to put it right now. :dryadtongue:
  9. Ghaleon

    Ghaleon Terrarian

    8) Time Sensor: Not sure about this one, we'll see. I don't want to have to add 24 tiles for this, when very few people would probably use it.

    Well, I didn't mean make a TON of them. Or more than...one, even. Basically it's like a digital clock. One item that you place in the game. You open it up the way you do to set the frequency for the Transmitter/Receivers, only in this, you punch in the time instead.

    Okay...maybe three different ones. The Copper Clock has a single time slot you put in a number, 0-23 (going with Army Time here). So if you put in 11, the Clock trips out it's pulse at 11am. Or if you put 23, the pulse comes at 11pm. (I interchange signal and pulse a lot. :p)

    The Silver Clock would get slots for Hours and Minutes. So in the Hour slot, you treat it like the Copper Clock, you put a number from 0-23 for the hour designation. In the Minute slot, you could then punch in a number from 00-59. So 2359 would translate as 11:59pm. Or 0000 would become Midnight.

    The Gold Clock could go with Seconds. I know in my original idea it would be a different version of minutes, but this is seemingly easier. So three slots, first slot for hours, 0-23, second slot for minutes, 00-59, and third slot for seconds, 00-59.

    In all, those three would be all you need. The sprite could be as simple as a normal analog clock face.

    20) Scanner - Yeah, pretty much. I've seen in Minecraft there are items keyed specifically to certain players. Only they can access the full inner workings of an item. It was sort of like that.

    I'll get started on Novel #3 for tomorrow. ;) Keep up the good work.
  10. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Having even one of those, that's configurable, is a ridiculous amount of work, because of having to make the interface for configuring and such. Making 24 based on specific times would probably be easier, although it's overkill. I don't know, we'll see, like I said.
  11. Drakooga

    Drakooga Steampunker

    The amount of content Mirai has planned is worth to make a Terraria-esque technical playthrough, very neat actually, one thing I would like to see that kinda falls in the summon category is that if you kill an enemy there is a very little chance (% depends on monster) that they drop an "essence" which can be used to augment a construct/golem/etc. For example "Slime Essence: Floats on water and 1% Damage bonus", but the trick is that a Golem/Construct can only have 3 types of essences, kinda like attack,defense and support essence slot or things like that, but meh that's just an idea that came to my mind after reading the suggestion, heck who knows if it can even be coded xP
  12. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Hmm, not sure how well I could get that working. The issue with it is if I make all mine upgradeable, people would want the vanilla ones to be too, and I would have to remake those. We'll see, maybe I can just make a single mechanical summon that's customizable, and does nothing without any customizations.
  13. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    And here's a requested mod, nice and simple, for people who want to tamper with difficulty.

    Population Control Release 2014/12/28

    -Initial Release

    Essentially, this lets you speed up / slow down NPC spawning, as well as increase / decrease the maximum NPCs allowed to spawn near a player.

    The range is anywhere from 10x lower to 10x higher, so you can go to pretty stupid extremes. A tip for those playing with this, remember you can scroll to quickly increase/decrease mod options.
  14. Pacze

    Pacze Terrarian

    Woooot amazing, this is all that me and my friends were missing on terraria!!

    Nicely done! rlly :D, works perfectly
  15. Shabidoo

    Shabidoo Terrarian

    If this population control works this is going to be an amazing way to speed up goblin invasions.
  16. Ghaleon

    Ghaleon Terrarian

    The summon/customization is a good idea. It'd be nice to have some kind of golem follower. You summon with an item, but could also give it stuff to augment it's functionality. Not to pirate on the idea.... :p

    You could make it like Henchmen in other games, where it has accessory, armor, and weapon slots. You just drop in what you want to equip it with and it gets stats from those items.

    An alternative is to go like the Golem in Dragon Age: Origins. It used two different types of crystals that you plug in. One works with the damage on it, the other worked with it's defense. And the type of crystal affected it's appearance.

    Anyways, for the idea that brought me here tonight. Waypoints.

    I know the standard GPS is in game, it tells you your current location in the world. But that is so....simplistic. I'd like to see one with an enhanced mechanism, where you could drop a Waypoint block in the world and it would tell you the direction to go in order to get to that waypoint. Like a real GPS navigation system.

    You could assign the Waypoints a short text description. And every time you Left-Click to use the GPS (you have to hold it in a Hot Key), it switches to a different Waypoint. And on screen, it shows your current location like the normal GPS, but under that it will give the Waypoint name and coordinates.

    So it could be like this:

    Location: X Y
    Dungeon Entrance: X Y

    Or possibly instead it could work like the little things in Multiplayer, that point to a PC on the same team as you. It could create a little thing that pointed to the Waypoint block.

    Or maybe this is just too complicated?
  17. Drakooga

    Drakooga Steampunker

    Damn xP i'm just hyped about the EpicModifications mod, that sounds interesting as Puck, also will those Suffixes/Prefixes affect bosses/Mini-Bosses? 'cause you know, seing a Legendary Pumpking of Legend or a Immortal Ice Queen of Terror in a Frost Moon, Pumpkin Moon, would be funny ;D
  18. LeFr33

    LeFr33 Official Terrarian

    Them tweaks b good
  19. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Most of them avoid being applied to bosses, I may make some that work with bosses though. I've mainly been avoiding size modifiers on bosses, because that can get derpy. Here's an example:

    I've MOSTLY fixed that size thing, but I still didn't want to risk issues with bosses. Also, NPC's only get 1 modifier, not 2 like items. I may change that, but I was mostly just trying to avoid getting conflicting modifiers on an NPC canceling each other out.
  20. Ghaleon

    Ghaleon Terrarian

    Tiny Skeletron: RoarSQUEAK
    PC #1: Awww, isn't he cute.
    PC #2: Awwwww
    PC #3: Uh...guys...maybe we should...
    Tiny Skeletron: <rips PC #1's head off>
    PC #2 and PC #3: Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......

    Moving right along.