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tAPI MiraiMai's Tweaks and Overhauls

Discussion in 'Released' started by MiraiMai, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Joe Dolca

    Joe Dolca Golem

    Bug in the Future Dance mod: Crafting recipes shows that some of this mod's things are materials, but when I craft them to see what they are materials of they stop being tagged as materials and so the guide won't take them.

    And spinshot can only be made with copper bars, a bit of a spit in the face if you like tin.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
  2. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    That's a bug in the current version of tAPI, I'm not 100% sure the best way around it. Have you tried Save and Exit, then going back in the world? I know the problem is fixed for tAPI R15, but I'm not sure when that's being released.

    Err, I'll have to fix that recipe somehow. Make it either copper or tin, or make it need both by adding bronze. Though honestly, getting ores that don't generate in your world will be a bit easier with next update, when I fix the Crushinator and add the ore dusts (you will be able to use them with the extractinator to get the other matching tier ore)

    Oh and, mind posting about Future Dance, in it's own thread? :dryadtongue:
  3. Joe Dolca

    Joe Dolca Golem

    Oh, sure. Sorry, I thought that was gonna be eventually merged with here. And I haven't been getting that problem with any other mod, all their items get tagged correctly. GRealm, Necro, Thorium and berber's don't seem to have this issue.
  4. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Thats because I use craftgroups, they are kind of like Terraria's version of Minecraft's ore dictionary, if you play MC. There's just a bug with them in tAPI R14A right now which makes them not properly work with the code that marks material items as materials.
  5. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    I love everything about population control :D
  6. Abyssal_Kutku

    Abyssal_Kutku Spazmatism

    Population control is gonna be so fun to mess around with XD
    Thank you.
  7. Raz0r0x

    Raz0r0x Terrarian

    Loved Yorai's duel wielding mod on tconfig, so this ones a go for me.
    Also keen to turn the spawn rates all the way up and try to do a playthrough using population control.
    (Imagine the Tremor mods zarprutes with full spawn rates. *Shudder*.)
  8. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    And also turn Hardmode on start. And disable life regeneration just for fun :)
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  9. Raz0r0x

    Raz0r0x Terrarian

    And install dynamic difficulty and turn it up to max.
    Ahhh, fun times.
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  10. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Just an update, since it's been a while.

    Aside from working on Future Dance slowly (I've been busy) I've also started another mod. I'm not so sure it counts as a tweak mod, so I'm not sure if it'll be in here or in it's own thread.

    Basically it's an administration/cheating mod. It adds a bunch of chat commands that can be used for warping, getting items, summoning npcs, etc.

    For multiplayer, there will be a permissions system, as well as (eventually, if not in the first version) a command for area protection.

    I'm not about to list everything already planned, but if anyone has suggestions for what commands they think would be helpful, feel free to post them :dryadsmile: I'll try to include what I can.
  11. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    Excuse me sir? As @Everybody, I SHUN THEE!
  12. PeTaki

    PeTaki Terrarian

    After you finish the game 3-4 times in a row, it is boring:D These mods give you a little extra and make the game last longer.
  13. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    Eh, you could try:

    1) A normal game (With Corruption)
    2) A normal game (With Crimson)
    3) A Warrior-Centered playthrough
    4) A Ranger-Centered playthrough
    5) A Magic-Centered playthrough
    6) A Summoner-Centered playthrough
    7) A class-only playthrough (using only one class)
    8) A playthrough where you build all across the world!
    9) Just another playthrough...
  14. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    You could also play a modded playthrough with 4x spawn rate, rebalanced healing/potion mechanics, a hunger system, tons of new equipment to try and a dozen extra bosses to use them on. :dryadwink:

    I do agree with you though, Terraria is far from a boring game. But when you can add content and change the game to make it even more fun and interesting, I'm all for it. It's hard to complain about more content, so long as it follows the games balance well (I just avoid the mods that don't :dryadtongue: )
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  15. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    It's really hard for some mods (even the ones I play) to be equal tier, possibly because they want to prioritize their items. But, a modded playthrough is cool too.
  16. [FR] Aymerhic

    [FR] Aymerhic Official Terrarian

    good mod continue like that!
  17. TheManOfMods

    TheManOfMods Terrarian

    Spawn Saver ruins the Magic Mirror but who cares!

  18. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    How does it ruin it? If anything it should make it more worth using because it's one of the few ways back to your base quickly.
  19. TheManOfMods

    TheManOfMods Terrarian

    When you use your Magic Mirror, you just teleport to the same spot. Your spot always saves so you can't save on your bed and hope that you spawn there when you use your Magic Mirror.
  20. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Ahh, this is only on multiplayer I'm guess? I'm a derp, didn't think of that one. Will have to come up with a fix for that, thanks for the report :dryadsmile: