Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!


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Oh right, on console/mobile I can't use Terrasavr to help me, eh it's fine, but it's gonna be a pain trying to get everything legit, especially with how many items there are now. Also cool, I just saw the creator of the Shadows Of Abaddon mod was here, I tried that mod a while back it's pretty cool.

And yeah the banner art and that is super cool looking.


I will play it! But:

  • Not A new type of liquid?
  • no pufferfish?

Also I wonder if it is possible to make cattails go through platforms.


i basically have everything in my ps4 world but good luck finding it
me with the chest limit filled to brim with random bs i collected


To help you keep track of what is going into which chest, Quick Stack to Nearby Chests now has a visual effect, showing the items which are being quick stacked moving towards the chests.
Is there an option for this? If not there should be. I just like quickly tapping the button and leaving without the visual clutter and already sort my own chests so don't really need a visual clarification.
it has been relegated to the role of niche side content that doesn't really stand up to the skills and gear of the modern Terrarian.
Because of the aforementioned boss spam I was really never able to get to the end of it without cheese or items way above its appropriate tier.
- Added Flymeal, bane of Townsfolk everywhere
I keep seeing "unstick" vaguely said about this and I have no idea what it means.
- Shift-clicking items to the research slot automatically researches the item.

- When in Journey mode, mousing over items in the crafting menu will show how many are needed to Research. This also applies to Guide and Tinkerer UI slots.
As someone who's been trying to make a "build anything" Journey mode character in the weeks leading up to the update, this definitely would have saved some of my progress toward RSI if I had it back then.
- Smashing altars no longer generates random blocks of infection in the world
I love this because it encourages actually exploring the underground again instead of just fishing everything. When 1.1 first came out I loved mining in hardmode and it felt like that experience was completely outmoded by fishing.
- Resprited several of the core progression swords to be bigger and more up to date
If this means that they don't have goofy looking scaling anymore I am all for it.
- Fixed a bug where Gold Goldfish could not spawn in underwater living tree tunnels
How does someone even find something like this.
Pearlwood Sword (Buff)
smh, gave in to the requests to make pearlwood items appropriate for when they can be obtained. Doesn't this kinda mess with the balance on seeds with prehardmode hallow?
Super Star Shooter (Buff)
- The Star Slash now uses static immunity, so its immune frames will no longer block subsequent Star Shots from hitting
- The Star Slash now inflicts 75% of base damage instead of 50%
I don't know what causes it, but the Super Star Shooter makes a "skipping" in its sound effect that really hurts my ears. I hope this will somehow affect that in some way.
Lucky Horseshoe and Fledgling Wings (Tier Change)
- Reverted the change that put Lucky Horseshoe in Gold Chests, and put them back into Sky Chests on worldgen
- Fledgling Wing has been removed as primary drop from Sky Chests, and has a 1/40 chance of being secondary loot
- Sky Crates have been updated to account for the above changes.
- Angel & Demon Wing Souls of Light/Night cost reduced from 25 to 15

Leaf Wings (Tier Change)
- Now sold by Witch Doctor after Plantera has been defeated, but otherwise under the same conditions.
- Wing Power has been increased to be the same as uncommon pre-Plantera Wings (Flame, Butterfly, Bee and Bat)
- Cost has been increased to 1.5 Platinum
It's not exactly what I was suggesting, but I am happy that these at least got a look. Angel and Demon wings were massively outmoded by wings that were (and still are) easier to obtain like Pixie wings.
- Tax Collector can now hold up to a base 25 Gold instead of 10 (this can further be boosted by happiness)
Might make him actually useful.
- Stacks of Cloud blocks can now be found in Skyware Chests and Sky Crates
Yes! I always love to see more renewable basic building tiles.


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The no traps seeds seems pretty cool, I underestand the need for it since not everyone likes traps, I play on Journey Mode with god mode on anyway son they dont bother me except for explosive traps since i hate anything but me changing things in my world, for me it's a big no no. By the way I might try the don't dig up seed anybody know what i need to type in to try it?


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And to think, this update might not have happened if Terraria didn't win the Labor of Love category on Steam last year. So for everyone that expressed your love for Terraria, this is the development team expressing it right back.

And it's a beautiful thing.
I concur, Terraria is a labour and love and them expressivng their love back to us only exemplfiies how much we love this game, and I am glad it finally won a Labour Of Love award since Terraria is a truly a game of excellence. Also there is no cow layer, but there is a cow level, I've been there.


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1.4.4 has a basic page with changelog on the wiki now, i just checked and lol did Mothrons try and lay eggs in lava, wow I never saw that bug.
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