Terraria State of the Game - April 2020

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I wonder what this is...
Looks like some Lovecraftian monster shrine. Maybe it triggers one of the new bosses or is a reward from one.
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Is splitscreen coming to switch with the 1.3.5 update? My brothers and I have been waiting for sooooo long!!!

IIRC split screen was going to be heavily worked on after this next update. With that update potentially moving back due to current events it is likely we will have to keep waiting for split screen.
They've said that it should be out before the end of 2020
Hi there @LAMMAZ, to my knowledge, no timeframe has been said about 1.4 on console. If you’ve got a source for that, can you share it. :) Just want to keep the facts straight.
When did he say that? Also Journey Mode is probably creative mode, and it already has an icon

Are you going crazy waiting?

On stream before Loki started opening voting for the finalist.

Sorry for bad English btw if I didn't write this properly.
i'm happy about journey's end, but i'm happier that the team has finally uncovered all the annoying bugs that keep me from beating GOLEM with me and my friends on switch. Also pleeeeeasseeee fix the black screen glitch. My friends find it impossible to get on my game.
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