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Yo, hey, the name's Bry! I'm a 17-year old doofus who likes drawin' stuff, music, and burnin' himself out every couple of hours because I'm not entirely sure how to branch out my interests.
When its not my tendency to get emotionally charged, I'm most well-known for my Suggestions, and the Pixel Art within. I also draw a lot on paper, though (which I have a thread for, *cough cough, plug plug*), and I'm starting to dabble a little in making video game-esque music despite only having very basic knowledge on how to music in general. In case you couldn't gather by now, I also do play a lot of video games.
Definitely not a buff, though. Don't ask me anything outside of Mario or creativity-encouraging games.
I'm... kinda awkward. Yeah, that's the thing about people online; I know. But I'm also awkward in TEXT, which is certainly an achievement of its own. Mainly, I don't really know what to say a lot of the time, and my mind second guesses itself as well as wanting everything to sound perfect, so it's complicated for me to even get a sentence out, forget making it have any real impact. So yeah, if I randomly take a while to respond to something, I might just be trying to figure out what to say. I do also have (a vague resemblance of) a life, but the awkwardness comes in a lot more often than you (and I would think.

Favorite Video Games:

  • Terraria. I do tend to get bored it rather quickly, but playing with friends is always a blast and makes it WAY better.
  • Super Mario Maker 2. Okay, making Mario levels has been my dream since I played New Super Mario Bros on the DS. The fact this game exists means the world can't be all bad.
  • Team Fortress 2. CAN YOU SAY ADDICTING? I SURE CAN. But besides that, the mercenaries in particular are really well-written, and I love them, comedic or not.
  • Risk of Rain 2. While my computer is pretty shoddy, and therefore can't run the game at as high of a quality as I would've liked, it doesn't take much away from the experience, which is SO AMAZING, HOLY SHIIIIIT! Chris Christodoulou absolutely destroyed it with the soundtrack, while Hopoo Games completely destroyed ME with the gameplay, 'cuz hot DAMN is it super easy to go from 1200+ health to -87 in a heartbeat.
  • Wandersong. The only not-really-replayable game on this list, Wandersong is such an enthralling and moving experience! Saying "the charm in this game oozes" is kind of an understatement.
There's not really a particular order to these games, by the way─I just structured them however my eyes liked seeing them.
Favorite Music, Video Games or Otherwise:
  • "THE MODEST VIOLET," by IRISHTRISH. TRISH really knows how to make a feeling into audible bliss; this song in particular is a really nice way to both wake up and go to sleep.
  • "Tranz," by the Gorillaz. I don't even know how to describe this, honestly. This goes doubly so for the Visualizer video; I have no idea what its purpose is.
  • "Battlefield of the Flower Threshold" and "Hartmann's Youkai Girl," by ZUN. The former is kick-:red: as :red:, and the latter is just SO good. Also, Touhou is currently my only link to anything visually anime-related, save for my drawing style.
  • "vitamin kid," by PilotRedSun. It's a very different sound from most other music, and that includes video game soundtracks.
  • "Into the Doldrums," by Chris Christodoulou. Those. Guitars. Are PLEEEAAASUUUUUURE! Holy :red:, Christodoulou is a musical genius and three-quarters. He, and a commenter named Lars0n, also taught me what a polymeter and polyrhythm are, which I am grateful for.
I've linked to all the songs and their sources; just click on their names to get sent directly to 'em.
ZUN doesn't exactly have a website or anything that I know of, though, so I just linked to his Wikia page.
Favorite Drawing of Mine:

May 31, 2002 (Age: 17)
Unisonary States of Amira
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC
Drawing, Pixel Art, maybe Music on the side?


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