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25 Million Copies Sold & 1.3.6 Spoilers!


Skeletron Prime
Wait, so does the town apply to 1 big house with a bunch of NPC's in it like my home? Or does it have to be in sepreate houses?
[doublepost=1538457301,1538457042][/doublepost]Terraria has the best soundtrack!


Looking great! Still an amazing game, and there's no end in sight.
25 million, huh? I never realized just how gigantic of a milestone that was, until I looked at the list of best-selling video games of all time. This truly is a momentous occasion, and not one to be overlooked.
Congratulations to Terraria and dev teams for their hard work on such an amazing game!


I'm surprised 1.3.6 isn't made to be a major update at this point (1.4).
Even if it's just minor or graphical fixes, additions or changes, I'd still be happy ; can't say no to more quality of life !
I get the feeling 1.3.6 is going to bring the level of polish of Terraria to a complete new level !


This look and sounds soooo good :happy:

And it seems like there is:
- A new night theme (duh)
- A new plant for pots
- A new NPC
- New background animations
- A new moon
- New effects for fallen stars
- Blue fireflies
- Maybe new furniture and painting(s)?

Already quite hyped for 1.3.6 :D


Duke Fishron
Good job for not (accidentally) spawning The Destroyer while recording the houses!
More NPCs and plants? Smells like a new biome up ahead, I think.


Skeletron Prime
Only this "new NPC" is blinking, so my guess it's actually a player character. No idea why they'd make that only players blink, though.


Duke Fishron
I’m so glad to see y’all constantly keeping us updated on the game. I will definently play this as soon as it comes out!
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