What is your absolute favorite Town NPC, and why?

Which NPC is your favorite, and why?

  • The Merchent

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  • The Nurse

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  • The Demolitionist

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  • The Dye Trader

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  • The Angler

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  • The Painter

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  • The Golfer

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  • The Arms Dealer

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  • The Stylist

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  • The Goblin Tinkerer

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  • The Clothier

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Sir Snakeboat

Duke Fishron
You can't beat the princess


Official Terrarian
Out of all the Pre-Hardmode NPCs the Zoologist is my favorite. I find completing the bestiary and unlocking rewards super satisfying, her lycanthropy thing is super unique, and I think both her classic and shimmer designs are top tier.

You should defenitally make a second poll for the Hardmode NPCs and Merchant NPCs, and make this Poll just about the Pre-Hardmode ones.


Official Terrarian
Wizard since he unlocks a lot of versatile Early-Hardmode weapons where you likely are moving out of Pre-Hardmode weapons
In my most recent playthrough, I'll have to say the Dryad, she can sell/ do a lot of cool stuff that I didn't know about not the bees!. 🤔 ☕

Before that, when 1.4 initially dropped, it was the Zoologist, for obvious reasons [Mounts, Vanity Items, Pets, GTCC, etc.]. I'm assuming in every kind of challenging special seed, you'll likely learn to appreciate certain NPCs more [or less].


The Destroyer
I like the Cyborg
Simply because once you get the CelebrationMK2 you can just destroy everything around you, as on blood moons and solar eclipses, they sell Rocket IV, which can be crafted into Mini Nuke 2. These destroy tiles VERY fast, and CelebrationMK2 shoots very fast and doesnt use Ammo ever time you shoot it. This allows you to shred through a large world COMPLETELY in 10 minutes. I have done it.
This allows you to find the Dirtiest Dirt Block really fast


Official Terrarian
Uurgh, this is a tough one. Either the Witch Doctor or the Goblin Tinkerer, cause theyre cute and the Witch Doctor is cool.


Truffle, I just like him, he was also the first NPC I gave a special house to, being somewhat like a hobbit hole.
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