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[Sprites] The Torment - A world of death!

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Vikri, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    Added loads of stuff. What are you waiting for? Look at my stuff, NOW!
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  2. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    I think, firstly, the biggest compliment I can offer for the entire concept is that I really like how it all looks. The colors are positively lurid, giving some vibrancy to otherwise to a very, very dead environment. Euthanasia is such a cash design, I want one in game~!

    The enemies are fairly gruesome with their 'wasting-away yet never dying' aesthetic and I'm glad you tried to invent several unique abilities for them, such as Tormentors behaving like parasites, that's unusual!

    I also really enjoy that you did decide to use the aesthetics of torture devices. The Wheel, for example, is a very simple idea but it's so perfect thematically.

    Now I am noticing some redundancies. Horrite Armor is Shroomite lite, right? But is it a ranger set or neutral / classless like Crimson? I think something mobility (phase shift?) or electricity based would be more apt.

    Necrim is pretty rad. However, I feel like Skeletron and Necrim parallel a little too close. Necrim's ability and AI action table eclipse the boss that's supposed to be stronger and generally (since progression is so loose) after you go through a tormented Graveyard.

    Now is Termination a melee or magic weapon? If it's melee then I think it has a bit too much in common with the Death Sickle, even though the projectiles are homing. If it's magic, then that's fine. I would like to see more use of Lightning though. Perhaps a single-summon weapon drop like the Frost Hydra? ...The Electrocutioner :naughty:
  3. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    This isnt a new problem. Just look at his attacks: Waving his arms around and occasionally spinning. Pretty boring, right? He could really use a revamp.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2015
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  4. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    Horrite armor has gotten a really cool (IMO) new and interesting set bonus! Hope its better! BTW Termination is changed too!
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  5. Nutella Fairy

    Nutella Fairy Skeletron Prime

    The name Euthinasia doesn't fit, because you aren't killing enemies out of mercy, you're killing them for progression.
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  6. Brick Creeper

    Brick Creeper Skeletron Prime

    I don't think it's supposed to fit, it's just a name :p
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  7. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    Just like how im about to kill you for fairy dust!:p Terraria is a game about killing animals mercylessly, thats just how it is.
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  8. Nutella Fairy

    Nutella Fairy Skeletron Prime

    Euthenasia- the act of killing someone to end their suffering.
  9. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    The creatures of the torment are animals reanimated and tortured until theyre as crazy as the rest. I hope that makes sense.;)
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  10. Bounty_

    Bounty_ Spazmatism

    You could make them ghastly wings (close enough right?).

    Love this idea! And support it.

    What about a bow? crimson and corruption have bows shouldn't the torment have one? Though there are special arrows what if the bow always shot them? (turns any suitable ammo into tainted arrows).
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  11. DatPedro

    DatPedro Skeletron

    Good idea! I principally love the deathstrider. Reference from LotR and Darksiders
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  12. NoSoap

    NoSoap Eye of Cthulhu

    Looking pretty dank amazing. Could use some tweak here and there, such as the biome structure and names. I got nothing better tho. Overall, it's nice.
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  13. MinieK

    MinieK Plantera

    You can't believe how much I love this idea. Great job!
    Banner will be equipped soon!
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  14. Goomy

    Goomy Skeletron Prime

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  15. Gex004

    Gex004 Skeletron

    Duuuuuuuuuuude somebody plz make a mod for this guys suggestions.
    I would make one myself but...
    I won't.
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  16. MinieK

    MinieK Plantera

    Haha, I can see hidden references! (I'm a metalhead)
    - the Iron Maiden - (Iron Maiden is a heavy metal band)
    - Black Ice - (Black Ice - Ac/Dc)

    I don't know if it was meant to be like this, but I see it.
  17. M the Mister

    M the Mister Retinazer

    Wow niceeee I really like the deathstrider and possessed saddle :)
  18. Gex004

    Gex004 Skeletron

    Suggestion! : change the ridable deathstriders name to "despair" it fits the theme also its a referance to one of the four horsemen. (despair is the horse death rides) and when i say horsemen i mean darksiders horsemen not Bible apocalypse horsemen.
  19. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    Pretty cool idea. I would love to see this added. This goes for almost every alternate biome suggestions, though.
  20. Brick Creeper

    Brick Creeper Skeletron Prime

    I love the revamp you gave it! Can't wait to see what else you do. :)