Experimental Features - Texture Pack Support and World Seeds!

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  1. coffeemancer

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    That is pretty cool, if you don't mind me asking what values or strings do you suspect may cause interesting results? Since I'm turning on Experiments and going to gen some world seeds

    I'm not a programmer though
  2. Proxy

    Proxy Spazmatism

    hmm... is there a way to get all Textures from the Game Exported in PNG?
    i mean how else would you want to Start doing TPs...
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    I really want to make a texture pack now, but I'm not good at (and don't have the patience for) spriting (on a large scale). Maybe I'll make a simplistic texture pack, like that one for Minecraft. I think it's called the plastic pack or something. I mean, there'd still be a lot of sprites to do, but I wouldn't have to be very good at making them.
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    There's downloads on the web for all the sprites (as of 1.3.2, I believe. Will probably be updated) as .png files. Alternatively, the Terraria wiki has some of the sprites there, but you'd be better of going with that downloaded one.
  5. Gotcha!

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    About the seeds, I wonder:
    Are maps always EXACTLY the same when using the same seed number, even the contents of chests? Or is it just the landscape/tiles/walls that are identical and items are still randomized?

    @Yoraiz0r: I'm sure you know this. :)
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  6. Exodus Starlit

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    I used textures from my mini texture pack and here it is (just little tweaked (mana) Star icon):
    Bez názvu.png
    I think I will work later on vanity items and armor tweaks (mostly female).

    And thank you for Block reference since Tin/copper Plating and some more blocks like (Sand)Stone Slabs are hard, it might help me later.

    Since Teraria have very a lot of textures, I think it is better to make small amount of changed textures. Like you don't like sprite of it, replace it with other.
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  7. Zilem

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    This is very interesting!, didn't expect to see this "Texture mod Support" coming :dryadpassionate:

    one thing to add to this system would be a Modlist text file
    where you listed the file name of each mod (.zip archive) you want to use, that is within the folder
    and the order of them being loading and prioritizing duplicated texture/sprites modded :dryadcool:

    .xnb within the .zip aren't supported, however regular .png files are. however it does increase the size of the .Zip package to roughly 250%:dryadtongue:

    Also looks like the of the Player sprite files are not being loaded. from the .zip file.
    so when you have tweaked some armors and every vanity items to work with a slimmer body frame, that vanity suit, dresses and costumes is now going to look very tight :dryadrolleyes:
  8. Leinfors

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    Oh, that reminds me, and something I'll add to the starting post. I finally got info I asked for about extension types.

    For the purposes of this experimental build, .png .gif and .jpg will work for replacing texture files. Not to say this is final, this is just the current functionality we have in this version, for those looking to try it out.
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  9. Exodus Starlit

    Exodus Starlit Dungeon Spirit

    It was maked to support PNG because some players have problem converting PNG image back tp XNB.

    But I can confirm that Player_(number)_(number) don't work.
  10. Proxy

    Proxy Spazmatism

    well, i would just like to have all of the Sprites to Choose the ones i would like to Change...
    because this Idea of texture Packs is just Amazing. i'm :red: at Drawing on the PC. but i can Pixel (maybe) good.
    i mean, my Profile picture was made by me when i was like 14....
  11. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    Some question to the seed gen.
    Is it possible to separate this with the kind of mineral types in future updates?.
    E.g. the option to get copper iron silver and gold in your world.

    Are the hardmode minerals the same for each world generated with the same seed?

    Nice update btw.
  12. Hax4Ever

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    Replacing the cloud sprites doesn't seem to work at all, though for some reason replacing the sun and whatnot does
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  13. Techdude594

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    What image file type are you using? .png? If so, try using .xnb, its the most reliable, and has been what texture pack users have been using for years.
  14. Hax4Ever

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    PNG and XNB are nearly identical when it comes to functionality, plus It'd be a waste of time to install XNA studio just for Terraria since Texture pack functionality is being worked on.
  15. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    You don't have to install XNA studio to convert xnb files to png files and vice versa. There are converters which are very easy to use!
  16. Mimp

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    Maybe time to start a new section on the forums for resources on texture pack creation, support, and a place to post packs in progress or that are completed?

    if so stuff like this needs sticky there...
  17. Voyager

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    I feel like with texture pack support and ArmyFrog working on a high-res texture pack, Terraria is now a real computer* game.
    * not just a console/retro emulation
  18. Jeckel

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    There is already a section for texture pack creation (http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?forums/texture-packs.118/) which includes a (now partially outdated as it doesn't include the new built-in support stuff) guide and I'm looking into getting things reorganized and cleaned up a bit to offer better support for stuff. This is all still pretty new, so give us some time and we'll get it all right and orderly. :)
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  19. Zilem

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    Well, that covers most of the common Image formats, aside .bmp
    although i think it odd that .jpg is supported. as it's default Quality adds distortion and noise to the Picture/texture :dryadwhat:
    (although Quality 10-12 don't, but anything above quality 6 is only available to photo-shops)
    also it's the only of the formats mentioned that don't have a Alpha channel (Transparency) so i guess color #ffffff is clear?

    It's Okay it's there, i just personally would avoid it like a minefield. i would not recommend using it. %-_-

    Yes, but it was questioned a few pages back. i'd just though to clarify that they don't work this way at all. %:sigh:

    I don't have that issue myself, but i have read many people having issues with it. which might also be that "Xna Studio" will only work on Windows: XP, Vista and 7 - it won't even install on a Windows 8, and will likely be the same for Windows 10 :dryadrolleyes:

    I doubt I'm the only that have converted .png textures into .xnb for forum users that have requested it. :dryadwink:

    And i am kind of Wondering if there are other Texture sets then the "Player sprite" that isn't loaded.
    as mentioned above by Neko-Chan "Clouds" sprite don't work, which i think is the "Cloud_#" textures? :dryadwhat:
    and when i writing my last post, i was wondering if "Extra" and "Glow" was not... you know what?, I'm Gonna take a look and find out!
    it seems like The "Extra" are working as Townies as speech bobbles pictures are off-set so it is loading a outdated "Extra_48" texture just fine :dryadgrin:
    and Cyborgs and Truffles "Glow" effects seems to works fine, for an alternate sprite shape that the "Glow" textures had been updated for :dryadwink:

    However, Accessories don't seem to be Loaded either
    Edit: alternate textures for Hooks do load, now that i have fished out the needed
    Totally had forgotten to re-color the "Skeleton hand" and "Worm Hook".... :dryadsad:

    Well, 1.3.4 was just released only a few days ago :dryadtongue:
    i doubt many had the time update their texture mod for 1.3.4 yet.
    I'd prioritize updating the Texture mod, and tinkering with the new textures first. and then pack an optional one. for this experimental feature :dryadwink:
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  20. Mr_Optimistic500

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    Im on Mac, I tried the example pack, terraria wont launch :(