Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

Honestly, I cheesed the destroyer and prime after I beat the pirates. Plantera was cake as well, all I did was gather about 50 dart traps (not super dart traps) and wired to a 1 second timer, and then had 2 teleporters it only about 8-10 minutes, golem was easy as well after planters I got the Vampire knives and stayed healed while fighting golem
I actually had so much trouble with Duke Fishron, I had to beat Moon Lord me Duke Fishron is harder than Moon Lord.

Yeah, me too.

The reason why is Duke is the type of boss who demands you play by the right rules. Every single fight up to this one (talking Normal Mode) can be made relatively trivial with the right preparations. The winning strategy there is something anyone can do; drink ironskin and regen potions, get Well Fed, stand by campfire and heart lantern, and wear whatever gives the most defense. In most cases, you pretty much can't die. Even if you don't go through all these lengths, the point is, these bosses are pretty easily beatable without "learning" them through sheer stats and strategy.

Duke throws that out the window. It's still POSSIBLE to blunder to a victory, but much more advanced and specific in the prepwork needed. He's pretty much designed from the ground up to murder a player who coasted through the rest of the game without fully learning HOW to dodge. I find it interesting that a lot of the same strategy in dodging Eye of Cthulhu works for Duke, just on a much larger scale. Difference was, it was pretty easy to beat EoC while getting hit every second there is, not the case for Duke.

The best summary. As one LPer I follow said "either you play by my rules, or I get pissed and I leave". The "I leave" part is because DF has (or at least had) the annoying habit of despawning if the player gets even slightly far, which severely hinders the viability of what's possibly otherwise the simplest yet very effective strategy against DF: a long row of asphalt blocks + Master Ninja Gear + Frostspark Boots + Switness Potion ( like here, skip to 26:06 for the despawn). Basically the game forces you to either stay at close range and dodge constant attacks or try to keep him at a distance and constantly suffer the risk of him despawning at any moment. I read that 1.3.1 adressed this issue, but even if it's true, for me it came too late.
I don't know why people say Skeletron Prime is so hard.
Expert Duke Fishron wasn't so bad... with a UFO. Without an infinite flying mount, even regular Duke is really bad, though. At least, pre-Moon Lord.
I didn't even know that Lunatic Cultist was supposed to be hard!
I can't tell if WoF is supposed to be hard either, but it isn't. Maybe kind of on expert, but I fought it primarily with melee, so I can't be sure.
All the mechanical Bosses and Golem. The mechanical bosses aren't hard with proper equipment and knowledge of attack patterns, while Golem is just a walk in the park with decent hardmode gear.
Skeletron on Expert mode. I heard a lot of people say that he was really hard. I even saw 1 expert mode guide say that it can be a good idea to just skip the dungeon entirely and get into hardmode first to make the fight easier but to me it seemed pretty doable with the right set up.
The Twins. (Normal Mode only, I have a lack of experience in expert mode.)

The only thing that I find hard about them is Spazmatism's second form. The HP and the Probes of the destroyer are just petty to deal with, and Skeletron Prime has.... saws.
I wouldn't say I find Skeletron Prime easier than others think, but I killed him with phoenix blaster while wearing molten set once.
To begin with, Wall of Flesh is instantly broken in half by Beenades regardless of game mode. Even without them, the likes of a Star Cannon or merely a Demon Scythe (and a Water Walking Potion - no platforms needed!) worked wonders for me.

But especially, I find Duke Fishron quickly became a joke once I learned his pattern, and he wound up even easier in Expert. The Shield of Cthulhu plus any sprint boots and a simple double jump trivialized his charges, a mere Minishark rendered his bubbles useless, and the placement of his Sharknadoes was easily manipulated by luring Fishron to one end of the arena (read: a single layer of wooden platforms over the ocean) during his charges. Even when I fumbled my positioning, the sharks were barely an issue, and flying over the tornadoes wasn't exactly impossible.

Better yet, he becomes easier in phase two. His dashes have more delay between them, and his Cthulhunado is easier than ever to manipulate because it homes directly in on you. Phase three makes it even easier than that by removing his projectiles entirely - and just as the Expert Mode cherry on top, the speed of his charges goes so high that even if he hits you, a counter dash with the Shield of Cthulhu can easily protect you.

No cheese necessary; once you get to know him, it's honestly not that difficult to defeat Expert Mode Fishron before the Mech trio. Doing it with only pre-hardmode gear is a great challenge, and doing it post-Plantera is just overkill.
skeltron prime is boring , damn you mst only be good at dodging and everything is fine.
the hardest is the twins
Prime. He was the first mech I fought and I had just gotten into hardmode so I had literally no hardmode gear
Probably Ocram. I don't think it was that people told me he was difficult more that I thought he would be hard to beat because he was the final boss at the time. Second place goes to Plantera though.
Probably the Destroyer, just due to his vulnerability to the Daedalus Stormbow. That thing can shred through the Destroyer in seconds if you do it right.
Twins.. I guess
I wasnt prepared at all
This is going to be a Terrible Night happened and it was hard, but since my HP didnt go below half, I am going to call it easy
why are you ranting about fighting the twins with melee , get a shadowflame knife and you're all right , that thing could carry you to plantera
Skeletron Prime on Expert was really easy for me, hell I can do him with minimal buffs on Mythril Tier armor as long as I'm geared up right. Really half the fight is just killing him before night ends as the only difference I can tell is that he takes longer to kill, his arms do the same thing and doesn't have any game-changing gimmick (Skeletron, EoC, EoW) or gets buffed to hell (Destroyer, Plantera, WoF)

On the flipside though, Eater of Worlds and Destroyer (both on Expert) were hell and I'm surprised no one talks about them that much. EoW's spit hurts like hell on Pre-Hardmode and with his head doing more damage turns the laughable worm boss everyone did for cash to a insane fight as your forced to deal with something (even if it's something small) WAY to early in the game and Destroyer cause that head damage can melt any player that isn't going melee.
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