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    tl;dr: Propose mods to add to the following lists, or else post your own cool mod pack/mod list, but give it a good name.

    Think the mods you've picked out for your playthrough are really neat? Have ideas for game modes or unique playthroughs that only certain mixes of mods can achieve? I'm looking to make a list of named mod packs that best implement specific game mode concepts or unique and fun gameplay twists. Help me build this list by posting your favorite mod loadout, or else any recommended set of mods for doing the aforementioned things. Try to avoid any "Cool Stuff 1", "Cool Stuff 2", etc. type lists, though; the more specific, the better. I hope to do something special with these lists soon!

    List so far:
    1. QoL Must Haves - This pack provides quality-of-life improvements for most playthroughs. The only real exceptions being "cheat" mods or mods that lack good inter-mod compatibility.
    2. Builders' Pack - Mods for builders.
      • Main:
        1. ...
      • Optional:
        1. ...
    3. Survivalism - A tailored set of mods for making the game a survival-oriented affair.
    4. Creative Mode - Want to just create stuff and not be bothered with dangerous threats? This pack is for you.
    5. Strategy Pack - Bored of the usual vanilla experience, but also daunted by the thought of wading through innumerable content mods? This pack keeps things familiar, but also requires some mindfulness to win.
    6. Action-Oriented Pack - This pack is for those who just want to dive in to the action, skipping most of the fluffy grinding or time consuming building and exploring.
      • Main:
        1. Psycho (requires Mod Helpers)
        2. ...
      • Optional:
        1. ...
    7. Objective Mode - Finding the game too non-structured and open ended for your liking? This mod pack gives you a more clearly defined playthrough.
    8. Multiplayer Must Haves - For those who host servers, game modes, or find their fun primarily only in a multi-person setting, this mod pack is for you.
    9. Brave New World - Refreshes/revitalizes all the aspects of the game without being overbearing.
    10. ...
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  2. Alucard_I

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    It's hard to think outside the box. There are a lot of challenges, like "Melee only", or "Only using stuff you've caught from fishing".

    Personally, with the variety mods offer, the best unique playthrough would be a goddamn adventure map that no one is making.
    But I guess, since this is not an option, you could opt out for something like... I dunno, "Biome-lock" challenge, where you sit in a single biome and don't go anywhere else and try to progress the game.

    You're asking a really difficult question for the amount of mods the people of Terraria created.
  3. hamstar

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    Challenge modes are just one option. Examples of "game modes" would be anything that alters or constrains the game, challenge or not. Lots of my mods make great examples.

    "Unique playthroughs" would be the more standard combo packs of content mods, but maybe with some tuning or configuring to not be the usual scattershot piles of 'stuff' that most mods end up as (i.e. a unique concept of game progression, character building, quests, lore/story, etc.).
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    No mods drastically alter the game. It's either a rehash of an existing content, or additional one. There can't be anything else, but adventure maps or what I mentioned above. And we both know adventure maps aren't popular for the amount of work one has to put into it.
    Perhaps you're looking not for a modpack, but for an idea on how to alter the existing game to make it more interesting? Something you want to create from scratch? Something to add to the existing mechanics to spice it up? Maybe change the enemies or loot tables to affect the progression system in some big way? Because if that's not what you're looking for, then other than class-specific challenges or some other way of constraining one's creativity and freedom of choice - you won't get anything.

    Update: Also there is nothing unique in getting yourself a bunch of mods and just limiting the items you can get in them. You're creating the same thing. This is not unique.
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    Well, a good chunk of my mods are all about game rule changes, for example. There's lots of major content mods (especially ones coming out?) that try to do major additions to the game, and even some changes. Also, there are ways (especially with things like Nihilism mod) to actually change the specifics of the game, even to drastic extents.
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  6. orian34

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    Brave New World
    Refreshes all the aspects of the game while making it more lively without overloading of things.
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  7. thetrainwreck2010

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    Hello hamster. Let me tell you about my "little" kitchen sink-esque mod pack that I have been cultivating for a little over a year now. It's called Death Walks and it is centered around big content mods and mods that add difficulty to the game top effectively squash you but make you feel great for when you come out on top. The mod list is big (Approximately 80 mods) but here is some of the main featured content in it. Lost of avenues of difficulty can be taken with the mod. I personally run Revengence, Death, Masochist, Reverie, and Disarray difficulty boost at 150% while constantly holding the Fun Mode token. The options to play on Armageddon, Defiled, or Iron Heart are also all there too but they either do not fit my play or I don't deem them possible (at least at my level of play with this difficulty)

    Difficulty Adjusting Mods
    AFK's Pets
    Natural Occurring Moons
    The Lunatic mod (I actually don't have this mod since it doesn't fit my style of play but it would definitely add some difficulty)

    Content Mods
    Tremor (Pls wait for a fix though)
    Ancients Awaken
    The Antiaris
    And much much more

    Final thing. Since this pack is large, Tml 64 is very much needed. Even with just a few content mods and the difficulty adjusting ones, the ram limit will likely be hit on normal Tml. Full mod list that I actually use is attached.

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