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It looks like you have stumbled upon my information tab. Bravo to you.

My IRL name is Steven, but go ahead and call me Milt. It is my username after all.

I'm an okay artist, I doodle a lot in classes, and I have an art thread here. I'd like to consider getting into art in my future, but alas, my highschool's art program is full of snobbish people who believe that anything other than paint is a childish medium.

Here are a few examples of my work below

You can view my Art thread here

Recently, I've become a pretty decent spriter (like since September 2014 recently). I have a sprite thread up and below are some of the sprites I've done.

You can view the rest of them here

I've also suggested a few thing recently, which are listed in the spoiler on my signature.

Milt's OCs

Image | Name | Biography | In-game Sprite
| Helena Vala | Helena Vala, a battle mage, specializes in the arts of the heavy metal headed percussion combat tool, also known as the warhammer. An ex-paladin herself, Helena boasts an unusually high natural strength, which is further amplified through her magic, making weapons and armor lighter to carry, and of course, imbuing weapons with elemental power. She is a generally trusting and friendly person, but positive first impressions are a must for her. She doesn't forget easily, and it's often hard for her to let go. Her main weapon is Chlor, a Chlorophyte warhammer that serves as the vessel for a spirit of equality, The Bane of Gods. Chlor also serves as Helena's boyfriend. She is very protective of what little family she has (her younger sister Yun) and is almost equally so to her friends (pranks and the like are fine of course). A bit eccentric and kinky at times, it wouldn't be strange for her to be in a full suit of armor one minute, and a bikini the next. |
| Seth Enya |A techy at heart, and a engineer for a living, Seth Enya provides the weaponry and armor for many of his acquaintances. Not a very fit man, Seth relies on explosive ordinance and his own, personally tinkered with, ranged weaponry. Built for stealth, the armor plates and cloth of his armor are capable of stealthing him in several seconds, although movement is impaired greatly. He has a tremendous crush on Helena , going as far as trying to marry the red head (rejected of course). Although he is a smart man, his ability to talk to anybody of the opposite sex is, to be frank, terrible. A flurry of bad pick-up lines tends to be his go-to, and as expected, he almost always fails. He's taken several hits from a warhammer to the head and the fact that he's still fairly healthy is beyond scientific explanation. |
| Yun Vala |Young and naive, Yun Vala, Helena's younger sister, strives to help others wherever she can, often putting other members of her team at risk while doing so. A novice mage and cleric, she had grown dependant on Helena and her friends in many ways due to her big sister's overprotective nature. She enjoys reading and is a bit of a book worm. She's fairly well off with light swords and can defend herself given she has a friend with her for support. It's very easy for her to crack under pressure |
| Milton quár |Usually known as Milt, Milton quár's story is a jumbled mess of events. Events he himself cannot put together. Fairly old himself, his body was mangled over the years, losing the entirety of his arms and his legs below the knee. In addition, his face is said to be covered in scars and implants to help control his levitating arms. He has several condensed mana crystals within his body, allowing him to power his prosthetic for as long as he wishes. What is known about his background is that he himself used to be a drifter of sorts, selling wares he picks up whenever he can. He had a long friendship with the Vala family however, and had raised Helena and Yun until he eventually found a foster for them. He's an old man, but regardless, he always comes back. |
| Nahtaúvanimo |Affectionately known as Chlor by its wielder, Helena, the Nahtaúvanimo (Bane of Gods) was once a mortal man, in an ancient bout between right and wrong, he defended the accused, and was punished as a result. Bound to a gavel, it lay dormant for centuries, until a new vessel was provided for him a chlorophyte warhammer. The person wielding said hammer was Helena, and they have been inseparable since. As a warhammer, Chlor has the ability to judge each target, moderating impact force accordingly. in addition, it comes with the ability to change shape, ranging from a smaller hammer with the likeliness of a Paladin's hammer, to massive sizes with the head measuring a meter long. Chlor's ability to shift its size has come in handy for Helena in several ways, easy toting, for one, and it also plays a role in recreation for her. In times of need, it can form a "sentinel" to provide defense for Helena when she is wounded and in especially dire times, Chlor can transform into the God Slayer armor as a last stand maneuver. |
| Acelynn Meldë |Headstrong but earger to learn, Acelynn Meldë was Helena's apprentice and friend. Although Helena was only a few years older, Acelynn admired her greatly, and wished to follow in her footsteps. Acquiring a similar favoritism of Tungsten, Acelynn braved many odds and trials in hopes of becoming like her mentor. Her skills had evolved greatly in a short period of time, but alas, her endeavors were doomed to end. Acelynn was corrupted, and her adventures halted violently.|

In my signature, You'll find other little tidbits including my suggestions, my Weekly Spriting Challenge medals, shout outs to people that have done something for me, and my personal emotes! (please note the personal part)

Note: These are for my own personal use. Do not use them without Jestex or my permission


The original one (
) was created by Jestex, may he rest in peace.
Jun 19, 1998 (Age: 21)
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC, Terraria: Mobile
Favorite Thread
How to College


~ Art Thread ~ Sprite Thread ~ Desktop Wallpapers ~ Builds ~ Papercraft ~

[Gold] ~ x5 [Silver] ~ x6 [Bronze] ~ x5
Thanks Suweeka for this!
If you have the time, make sure to check out oni's Art thread!

From S.A.L.T.I.E.R

And ava.tar

Oh and this Cute little sigh and head shake emote by Jestex! check out his custom TCF Emote thread!

Along with some additional pixel art
He also made some sweet pixel art of Helena in Scott Pilgrim VS. the World - game style

And portrait

That being said, also check out his sprite thread!

Lovely sprite thread banner by darthmorf

Awesome hammer smacking avatar by the outrageously talented Samrux! Make sure to check out his forum workshop, pencil drawings, and stories!

Oh my, here's some jaw dropping poetry of Helena by the amazing Qui Devorat! Want a poem? Drop a request at his Request Bar for more!

~moved to information tab because character cap~

ppowersteef made some Helena fan art for me. Thanks man!

Second to the right
If it wasn't obvious enough, the red head on the left
Helena in her pre-Terraria attire on the far right

Including both Steef's and DG's OCs along with mine
Silver vs Tungsten, which is better?

obviously tungsten :v

And check out Gigavoir's (previously Mangle) artwork of Helena too! It's so cute >.<

Kingklutz made this one for me, thanks man!

Corenality made this sweet pixel art of Helena. A great spriter and suggestion maker!

and another

Also some birthday art!
And art in general
3rd one on there

Props to DG-VR. for this one. (which I somehow forgot to add earlier >.<)
Top, second to the left

Sucking on a popsicle yeah~
Helena's "lewd armor" was created by DG based on her regular armors. Bring tissues.

DG drew my lesser known, but older OC Milt!

AntithesisEK made this epic sculpture of the Ice Boulder Giant from my suggestion, Pots and Boulders!

Szaila drew me a Unicorn in Draw my thing....
It's so beautiful, I luv it
She also drew Helena, I also luvs it <3
and Helena was part of a line up

Helena was Bunnified by Molos Elethros!

Along with some art!

Made by Dishout. Check out his art thread!

And here's some poetry by The Quiet Bisharp! Check out the rest of his poetry here!

~moved to information tab because character cap~

Awesome comic by Ajidot! Watch as he conquers the forums!

And an Ajitar!

Raffle prize!

and other stuff
Gender bending potions are a thing apparently
Doodle of Yun :v

Funny little drawing by Dire Sigma!

Drawing of Seth by Scarecrow! because I forgot to put it in here earlier! Doh!
And also one of Helena
And a fun comic

Drawing of Helena and ppowersteef by Hello the Terrarian, check out her art thread!
Also a traditional one as well!

Warm-up sketch by the immensely talented Izzabelle!

Badass artwork by Pony Yu II!
And here's some concept art for Helena

A little something from BitPieStudios's stream roulette. Make sure to check out Bit's art thread too!

Something form EpicCriddle. make sure to check him out, he's the best <w<

And pixel artz by snarferman =w=

And silly thingy from Bezixx
and some Helena

Avatar thingy by Cheerio!

Helena in a d20 format by Matsu
The OCs of TCF in a d20 Format.

kyoot sprites by Hax4Ever!

Hammer pixel art by Frous

Art I got in Luneria's stream

Sketch from MagnifecintMicrowave's stream

Awesome art by Raraiaz!

"Doodle" by PersonaTea, it's amazing and I love it >w<
and a "family portrait"

Amazing artwork by Razleth!

Cool pic of Milt if he had shoulders by FragBombGames!
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